Monday, October 03, 2005


Learn about the channels that run through our lives. Lift the smoke and set the down the drink and you will discover universes unimagined. They are not magic or unexplainable, they are the patterns and pathways that have always graced our world. Ever since young children have been able to look at the moon and express that vision to a parent, our world has offered as many different universes to the curious.

Fascination is not reserved for children or dreamers. Dreams and the mysteries of reality exist all around every living thing. These sparkling discoveries hover right beside us almost begging to be noticed.

When a person is able to accomplish something that defies an easy explanation too many of us run and hide from the mystery. Many who remain behind to explore the unknown try to couch the unknown is religious terms. Religions of the world have long been used to soothe a confused observer of some unexplained natural phenomena. Spirits, smoke and mirrors are common tools for those unwilling to deeply explore the unknown. There are so many incredible capabilities of humans yet to be understood. It seems such a shame to see them buried under tobacco, alcohol or ancient scriptures written to confound.

Humans remain buried under the daily tasks, work we are enlisted in from birth. Desires born of instinct or advertising compete for any remaining time between periods of sleep. Many humans learn to hire others to share the burden of their daily demands. These activities are all normal parts of normal lives. Parents run to the crying child, man drinks the beer shown on TV and woman finds a man to help raise her children. What could be more normal in this age?

When there is no time to explain the other mysteries of life why even bother to notice them? If we see a detailed scene in our dreams and it comes to pass soon after, why dwell on the reasons why? Who has the time to figure out why some things happen and others do not?

If an illness creeps into our lives we can hardly begin to study medicine to cure ourselves. We go to the person, a doctor, who has taken the time to study that particular mystery. We allow the doctors to treat us, our bodies heal and we go back to the sort out the tangle of tasks left neglected.

What we do when the doctor's treatment fails to heal us reveals the power of the mysterious. Many people turn to prayers when confronted by unsolvable problems. Our world is crowded with people that claim this prayer or that incantation has worked miracles for them. Who has time to learn more than a prayer when death may come knocking at any moment?

Throughout the tens of thousands of years of mankind's existence on this planet a few people have had the time and desire to really explore the unknown. These people are called "explorers."

When we hear the word "explorer" we first think of folks like Magellan, Cooke or Livingstone. Some people realize that Marie Curie, Linus Pauling or George Washington Carver are also examples of famous explorers. Explorers do not need to have ships or expeditions like Lewis & Clark. To make a discovery you need only be diligent, brave and usually patient.

Exploring can be done with a microscope, a walking stick or even a pen. You can explore a mystery with only your mind. Almost any book will help guide you on some exploration of one variety or another. Some who explore risk getting lost or failing or worse. Explorers are always a breed apart from the common person you typically meet during daily life. People who seek new discoveries take the overgrown paths through life or blaze new trails in places no others dare to trespass.
Real explorers share many common traits. Of course common people see them as adventurous, brave and perhaps even foolhardy. Those impressions will only strike them, however, if the masses see the explorer at all. You see, voyagers are often far away from you or I, whether in thought or action, people who seek answers to things that are unknown often live apart.

In offices or jungles, on the high seas or under the waves, the daring seeker seldom wants much company. Many true explorers may venture into the classroom or boardroom but only for so long as required. It is true that inspired teachers may probe for new discoveries in the minds of eager students but unfortunately that is a rare type of explorer indeed. Even more scarce is the person who seeks to make new discoveries inside their own mind and life.
What can a person possibly hope to discover inside their own mind? What kind of explorer seeks to uncover new discoveries within their own behaviors? How many of you are thinking how crazy it might sound for someone to say they are exploring themselves? Think again. The workings of the inner universe, the mind, is often said to be as mysterious and unknown as the far reaches of the galaxies. Exploring the nature of man is an expedition few have dared to go on.

I am one of the very few that understands how vitally important it is to know the limits of human capability. Running for hours, exploring thoughts for weeks, capturing the glimpses of understanding that only an observant explorer would record in a daily journal, these are my methods.
Awakening in the night, picking up where James Joyce or Thomas Hardy left off, I seek answers to the real problems that plague mankind. What drives a few men to send an army to invade another land? Why do many women and men find it so difficult to live together happily? What drives a man to smoke one cigarette after another until faced with the same early grave as his mother? Do these questions seem important enough to deserve an expedition into the workings of the mind? I believe they are important questions. I believe the quest for answers to many human behaviors is so essential that if someone does not take the journey the human race may soon cease to exist altogether.

I invite you to explore the human mind along with me, in the essays of this blog. Are you brave and patient enough to be an explorer through the pathways of the mind?