Thursday, June 08, 2006

Iraq, Katrina, Military Data Theft, Iran, and Gay Bashing: Government Out Of Control

The United States is careening wildly down the road to ruin while U.S. leadership refuses to hold anyone accountable for any major mistakes. Furthermore, U.S. citizens show absolutely no concern for this miserable state-of-affairs. Everyone just ignores all the inept leaders and all the consequences of their actions. These same leaders now expect people to vote for them in the elections this fall. "More Of The Same!, More Of The Same!" appears to be their rallying cry.

Our elected leaders began the downhill slide when they lied to get authorization for a new war in the Middle East. That action alone should have resulted in more than a few dismissals on grounds of incompetence. Instead, our leaders go one step beyond by authorizing the use of torture and kidnapping. They have the audacity to call these actions an effort to "Win Hearts and Minds." They only get disturbed and try to cover it all up when the secrets of Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and secret Eastern European jails leak out.

Nobody in-charge is ever held accountable. There are no resignations.

A hurricane destroyed a major U.S. city and government leaders took a few weeks to figure it out. Their response consisted of giving major contracts to political cronies. These inept contractors then proceeded to waste a few billion tax dollars on poorly sub-contracted projects. After the US Civil War these same theives were once called "carpetbaggers." New Orleans still remains mostly in ruins, just like Fallujah in 2003 or Atlanta in 1866.

Nobody gets fired, just one person gets reassigned.

More recently the Veterans Administration suddenly discover that the personal data of all members of the military has been moving around on a worker's laptop. The laptop with the data gets stolen. This theft leaks out a month later. Now all that military data is probably in the hands of Internet hackers, if not a major foreign government. What fantastic news to tell the weary troops returning from duty in Iraq. "Welcome home soldiers, your identities have been stolen."

So far no leading public figure has been dismissed over these serious mistakes.

As if they did not have enough to concern themselves with, our leaders suddenly decide to instigate a new war in the Middle East. Iran is the new target this year. As if some brilliant bureaucrat decided to cover-up the Iraqi Civil War by starting an Iranian Civil War. What enlightened minds dreamed up this gunboat diplomacy? Oh, let us not forget U.S. threats to use nuclear weapons in order to stop Iran from building nuclear reactors. Great strategic moves like that are could wipe all life from the face of the earth. (Note: LINK to Iran Nuclear Talk)

Nobody is called to account for these horrendous foreign policy moves.

Now, with all these mistakes piled up behind them, our wonderful role models in Washington decide to start attacking gay men and women. Inciting hatred and division among their own citizens, how crazy can a government get? What a wise humanitarian move from of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Maybe Washington is doing all these crazy things to convince immigrants that it would be wiser to simply stay home and starve to death.

There seems to be no limit to the sheer stupidity demonstrated by the elected leaders of the United States. Of course the citizens of the United States are too busy watching inane television programming to know anything about what is take place in Washington. The mindset of most people seems to be to ignore the politicians, and the facts. After all, these actions can only get us into another war, destroyed by more storms, even more identities stolen, and everyone burned alive in a nuclear holocaust. These same leaders are now asking for us to vote them in for another term of office.

Why worry about such trivial consequences when there is another episode of Desperate Housewives to watch? However, if you do want to learn more about U.S. torture practices here is a good place to start: Torture Awareness Month

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