Sunday, June 04, 2006

Keep Watching Your TV

The television preaches that all people seek are pleasures obtained with money.
TV teaches people to be fascinated by violence and murder.
Censored programming glorifies war, no blood or actual suffering allowed, only tube battles. Real-time, uncensored war is not allowed on television. No returning caskets.

People sit back and surrender their free will, their imagination, their ability to make decisions for themselves.
Each day the world outside mirrors the world inside the idiot box.
Children dress like prostitutes, men buy big trucks but construct nothing.
Sports television makes heros out of drug-addicted athletes. A fine lesson, indeed.
People hang on the fates of fake heros; created to capture minds without direction.

Television programming once cost nothing, a fair price it seemed then.
Now people are tricked into paying each month to have more and more trash dropped right in their homes. American Idol. Survivor. Criminal Minds. The Sopranos.
Each year the screens grow larger and more realistic than life itself.
TV speakers are now so loud people can no longer speak to each other, hmmm.

The colorful box teaches boys to leer down women's dresses, isn't that where the camera always points?
The boob tube makes woman think they need breast implants,
Television ads repeatedly make men feel inadequate.
The old are sold drugs for ailments they never knew they had.
Talk to your doctor, Talk to your doctor, Talk to your doctor.
The side effects are minor, a little nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, sexual dysfunction.
Stay tuned, we'll be right back, don't change that channel, you will miss something important, tune in next week, severe weather at 11, more to follow...

The most important babysitter is now the television set; an evil nanny in the nursery.
Families sit and watch ten people get shot each hour, for amusement.
The fake breasts bounce past, the actors make fake love, and mobsters peddle thrills.
Real killers mimic last night's murders off every channel. What a great invention!

When people are not watching it, like television is like, all they know how to talk about. Did you like, see what was on television last night?
Who says "hello" anymore? TV has taught us "hey" is good enough.
Intelligent conversation is dead, television killed it.

Television steals the lives of billions while the few who know it is blowing minds sit reading and wonder when or if the others will ever see through the charade, the lies, and disgusting sights.

Outside the birds sing, the stars twinkle, and the earth is perhaps glad that humans have found something to distract themselves with.
Keeping watching the pretty lights in the fake wooden box and maybe, just maybe the years of destruction will have time to heal.

Stay Tuned...

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