Saturday, August 19, 2006

FDA Approves Virus Tainted Meat

Bowing down to agribusiness, the US Food & Drug Administration has decided to approve the sale of meat sprayed with a cocktail of six viruses. This is being done to combat the known problem of deadly bacteria found on luncheon meats like sliced ham, turkey, hot dogs, and other cold cuts. The FDA proudly declares that consumers will not even be aware that the meat has been sprayed with viruses.

Forbes article

As long as the viruses are applied properly, there should be no problems. The U.S. government seems to hve gone stark raving mad with this decision. What happens when a poultry worker that may have come in contact with the H5N1 or bird flu virus accidentally sticks a hand in the solution being sprayed on luncheon meats?

The last time I ate meat was in 1978 but those of you still consuming meat must really consider what you are being fed.

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