Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Spent Nuclear Fuel Still Missing in Georgia

What a headline! The Southern Nuclear Corporation still cannot locate a little highly radioactive nuclear fuel. Do not worry about it, they also insist that theft or diversion of the fuel is "not plausible" due to extensive security measures. But they simply cannot find the stuff anywhere.

In the same article Southern Nuclear admits the fuel may be in a part of their facility that is unobservable by camera or otherwise inaccessible. It could also be possible that the fuel was inadvertently shipped to a licensed waste disposal facility. You can never be really certain about these things can you?

All these problems started with "unanticipated corrosion" that ONLY affected boiling water reactor fuel.

They have been searching for this missing fuel since the early-1980s. At least we are learning about the ongoing fuel loss on a timely basis! Perhaps Southern Nuclear will issue another report soon, say 2030 or so.

The following link will takes you to an article that may give you an idea of the absurd state of the nuclear power industry. Lost fuel, inadvertent shipments, unanticipated corrosion are a few of the issues mentioned.

Bizjournals article

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