Thursday, September 21, 2006

CIA refused to operate secret jails

The Bush Administration moved the terror suspects to Guantanamo because the CIA and the thugs the CIA sub-contracts to operate the torture chambers refused to continue flogging suspects.

In a mutiny of sorts, the CIA told the White House they would no longer torture. They were afraid they might be prosecuted for conducting torture. Someone must have read something about the Nuremberg War Crime trials.

Europeans are far more concerned about secret prisons, concentration camps (like Guantanamo) and torture chambers than Americans will ever be. This concern is the result of the killing of 50 million people during World War Two. With the exception of Pearl Harbor and some battles in the Aleutian Islands, little combat took place on U.S. soil. Apparently you have to live near torture and combat to be smart enough to try to prevent it from repeating.

(Note: The author lived near Port au Prince, Haiti during two violent revolutions.)

The link included below will take you to an article in the London Financial Times.

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