Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dies Academicus

(translated from original German and edited, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Dies Academicus is an academic holiday found at many universities. The Dies Academicus serves both to promote the identification of existing university members and the introduction of new students. Often this day is held on the anniversary of the establishment of the university.

Dies Academicus as a day of open doors.

Often this day is used as a study information day, on which the specialist areas, faculties, and independent mechanisms of one university are made available to members of another university and outstanding scholars offer views of their teachings and research.

It usually serves to provide pupils and others interested in the offerings of the university a chance to receive assistance and information. In addition, lectures are offered along with informational meetings, laboratory inspections, etc. It represents thus a form of the vocational guidance.

Dies Academicus as academic holiday

In addition the Dies Academicus also serves as a holiday for current and former members of the university. In its framework at some universities, prizes or awards are given, in order to honour members of the university. Beyond that it offers a chance for the alumni of the university to meet.

Dies Academicus as a sport day

The Dies Academicus can also be a sports day. For all students special tournaments in different kinds of sport are organized, with the winners receiving awards at the end of the day. So that all studying can participate, all other meetings (lectures, seminars) are temporarily suspended. Often one day is selected in June, since the weather is usually good and examination time is still relatively distant.

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