Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Draft

It is only a matter of weeks now. Shortly after the next election Congress will vote to reinstate forced military conscription commonly known as the draft.

There are many reasons the U.S. Military can no longer sustain the required numbers of troops merely with a system of recruiters. The Iraq War has gone on too long, too many men and women in the service have already completed repeated tours of duty. The casualties from Iraq and Afghanistan, deaths and wounded combined, are too great. These numbers have depleted combat units and discouraged the poor from sending their children into the military.

There is also the issue of those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, it simply is not right to force these people back to the Middle East. Americans are compassionate in this regard.

Military leaders cannot continue to execute battle plans without the necessary number of trained forces in each unit. The recruiters have not been meeting their original goals or the constantly revised goals for critical branches of the armed services. The Marines and Army are in need of more fighters. There is a critical shortage of specialists in medical, intelligence, and computer positions in the military. The military just changed the rules to allow people up to age 42 to enlist.

The President's plans to invade Iran must also be factored into future military requirements. Just as with the Iraq War, promises of a short war cannot be believed by the generals that must train and supply troops.

The American people will be scared down the path to approving forced military conscription. Many of the politicians that vote to activate the Selective Service System will be lame ducks, that is, congressmen and senators already voted out of office but serving out their terms. If the Democrats win control of the House the departing Republicans will surely leave them with a reinstated draft, people will forget how it all started when the time comes to vote for a new president in 2008.

Look at how carefully the government has been enforcing the Selective Service System if you doubt this thesis. The young men must register when they apply to get a driver's license or they face legal consequences.

Finally, the rich will do what they have done during this war and many other wars. They will use their influence and money to make sure their sons do not have to participate, at least not in a combat role.

This is what the draft means. Rest assured the leaders you voted for are already preparing the patriotic speeches, the guns, the hospitals, and the cemetery plots.

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