Friday, September 22, 2006

ODD NEWS: $32k for Breast Massage

Only in Europe, Finland to be precise, would this sort of a case be the talk of the day. The judges there are dealing with a breast fondling case while in the U.S. lawmakers are figuring out new torture methods to use at the Guantanamo concentration camp.

A woman convinced a 74-year-old man to pay her 25,500 euros to let him rub her breasts. Granted, he was allowed to do this on 10 occasions. Nevertheless $3,200 per session was seen as too extreme by the judge. He sent the woman and her accomplice to jail for more than a year.

Here in the United States our President is arguing for the right to use torture techniques that would result in "severe" physical or mental pain, but the senators insisted that the techniques only cause "serious" physical or mental pain.

The senators also gave the president explicit authority to interpret "the meaning and application" of Geneva Conventions Common Article 3.

Washington Post article on torture.

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