Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The U.S. and the World Are Not Safer Since September 11, 2001

When politicians want to start wars they talk about how many allies they have around the world. Prior to starting the War in Iraq the Bush Administration declared how close the U.S. was with Australia, England, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey and a few other nations. Those nations were convinced the U.S. government was a partner in the effort. For short-sighted politicians seeking election all that really seems to matter is what occurs on U.S. soil.

Now the Republicans are fighting for your vote in the upcoming elections. As part of this campaign to get re-elected they are telling you that they have prevented all attacks since September 11, 2001...on U.S. soil that is.

In other words, we are safer because there have only been attacks and thousands of people killed in Madrid, London, Turkey, Mumbai, Bali, Kabul Amsterdam, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, and Israel. It does not matter to Republican politicians that people are getting killed in other countries. It only matters that no attacks have happened in the United States. Keeping the blood off our soil is what matters most.

The people dying overseas at the hands of dangerous militants, driven by extreme religious beliefs, do not matter to U.S. politicians seeking re-election. It does not matter that people in London got attacked last year, that thousands in Madrid, Turkey, Mumbai, Sharm el Sheik, Bali, etc. got blown up since 2001. It does not matter that soldiers of many nations are getting cut down in Anbar or Kandahar provinces. As far as U.S. voters should be concerned the world is safer only because U.S. soil is safer.

U.S. politicians do not even care about U.S. soldiers dying overseas, after all, very few of their own privileged children are serving in the military!

How safe are we when our police and fireman still cannot talk to each other in an emergency?

How safe are we if cargo in passenger aircraft is still not inspected?

How safe are we knowing that most giant container ships are unloaded without inspection?

How safe are we when thousands still enter our country every day simply by walking across a river?

How safe are we really when our own citizens in U.S. cities cannot even count on organized, rapid government assistance in the event of a natural emergency such as a hurricane?

God Bless America is all we hear from our leaders. God help us if we need the help of our few remaining friends overseas some day soon. The U.S. is a disaster waiting to happen. No wonder no attacks have occurred on U.S. soil, we remain our own worst enemy as long as the current politicians are running the country.

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