Monday, September 25, 2006

U.S. Military: Who Is In Command?

300 U.S. soldiers in Iraq, from a unit based in Alaska, the Army's 172nd Stryker Brigade, were given orders to return home in July, 2006. Not long after they landed in Anchorage they were told they had to fly back to Iraq. Imagine the stress on those soldiers and their families. It could not have been a pleasant situation for any military family.

Imagine what that cost U.S. taxpayers: 300 x $2000 (RT airfare + other travel expenses). Cost: $600,000

Another 4,000 soldiers that thought they were going home must now stay in Iraq because the Pentagon just figured out their replacements are not ready. Soldiers are supposed to stay home at least one year between overseas assignments.

The math is simple. One year = 12 months. The Pentagon spends hundreds of billions of dollars every year but not one person in that building can count to 12?

U.S. Intelligence (oxymoron) now tells us that the U.S. invasion of Iraq is causing an increase in Islamic radicalism, therefore increasing the threat of terror attacks. The war was not about weapons of mass destruction but rather about creating more enemies of the United States. What a wonderful way to spend $400 billion of your tax money.

Osama Bin Laden once said that he wanted to make his enemies go broke fighting him. It looks like this goal is going to be achieved.

If the Pentagon were a private corporation the CEO would almost certainly be fired for letting such stupid mistakes occur. Who is really in command?


Reuters Article

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