Thursday, September 14, 2006

The World Is Beginning To Doubt The Moral Basis For Our Fight Against Terrorism

General Colin Powell (Retired) writes:

The world is beginning to doubt the moral basis for our fight against terrorism.

BEGINNING TO DOUBT??? The moment the Bush Administration shifted the focus from fighting real terrorists in Afghanistan to stealing Iraq's oil, the world lost all faith in the sincerity of the U.S. to combat global terrorism. The world took serious exception when Dick Cheney's fake Iraqi WMD evidence was presented and rejected at the United Nations. Donald Rumsfeld goes ahead with weak Iraqi War plans anyway and sends too few and poorly equipped troops into battle. Any hope that the U.S. held strong moral convictions was lost when the new U.S. gulags were established in Abu Ghraib, Diego Garcia, and Guantanamo. Now the U.S. has created a new terrorist breeding center in Al Anbar Province. Major nations including China and Russia now want no part in a U.S. nuclear war with Iran. Who could believe any evidence the Bush Administration presents anyway?

Secret CIA torture bases in Eastern Europe, military tribunals where the accused cannot see the evidence against them, and U.S. depleted uranium or cluster bombs dropped on Iraqi and Lebanese civilians all represent the heights of immorality!

Everyone knows Congress will rubber stamp any document the Bush White House places before them. The U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Geneva Convention look like they have been run through a paper shredder. When anyone in the world tries to call a friend in the U.S. they can be sure George is listening. The U.S. government could not even be bothered to listen to their own citizen's cries for help after Hurricane Katrina. The world knows the face the U.S. is showing in every possible arena. The U.S. remains the largest weapon's trafficker. The U.S. continues to develop new nuclear weapons. The rest of the world waits in fear of the next act of violence originating from Washington DC. One has to wonder how much more U.S. empire-building the world will tolerate before grave actions must be taken.

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