Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bush Republicans: Hoisted By Their Own Petards

Too many observers are portraying the recent news in Washington, DC, Afghanistan, and Iraq as an unfortunate series of events for the Republican Party, Mr. Cheney, and Mr. Bush. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Representative Mark Foley has been chasing young boys around the Capitol for years. The GOP leadership simply found it more useful to ignore Foley's disgraceful behavior. This is hardly surprising given the Republican leadership's long track record of ignoring the obvious.

They ignored the problems in the elections of 2000 and 2004. They ignored warnings of the threat of Al Qaeda prior to September, 11, 2001. They ignored the president's authorization of torture and establishment of concentration camps in Asia, Europe, and Cuba. They ignored the unfinished war in Afghanistan. They ignored experts that clearly indicated the evidence of WMD's in Iraq was false. They ignored the U.S. generals when they said more troops and better equipment would be needed to steal Iraq's oil.

Republicans still ignore the pattern of terrorist attacks in cities all over the world. They continue to ignore the massive increase in violence in Iraq and Afghanistan. The White House ignores the people making plans in their hideouts outside Wana, Nushki, and Miram Shah, Pakistan. Who cares that Anbar Province is a training ground for the next suicide bombers preparing to kill Americans? All that matters is that we continue to control the U.S. government and keep money flowing into the pockets of our military corporations and political donors. Ignore the growing threats behind the curtain, Dorothy.

Everything is just alright. Here in the United States we are all safe from harm and what happens in the rest of the world does not matter. Oil is cheap again, right? Fill up your SUV, dial a friend on your cell phone, and forget about the pedophiles, liars, torturers you elected to office. Wait a second, do not ignore us, we need your vote in November. We need you to give us more time to increase the national debt and send your children off to die in our wars overseas. We need more time to ignore the violence in schools and bad roads and growing poverty in our land. We need more time to give the world more reasons to hate the United States of America.

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