Friday, October 20, 2006

The Day The Constitution Died

Under a government which imprisons unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison. - Henry David Thoreau

The Republican Congress and the White House just passed a law that suspended the principle of habeas corpus. Called the Military Commissions Act of 2006, this law virtually eliminated the fundamental principle every American child is taught in grade school. As Mr. Bush signed this bill into law he smiled. He smiled because he knew he had just eliminated each American's right to a fair trial.

If you eliminate the right to a fair trial for even one class of people living on U.S. soil you eliminate the basic principle established by the people that founded the United States of America. This country was created by people who wanted to live in a place where justice was upheld. The Republicans have torn away the last shred of decency the United States once held up to differentiate itself from the other bloody regimes found on Earth. Bush and Hastert and all the rest have now made it legal to imprison people and torture people without a fair trial.

We have been the operators of notorious illegal torture chambers for years. Every American knows this is true. Now we have made it legal for our leaders to disappear any person in any country on earth and lock these people up with no evidence, no trial, and no rights whatsoever. How soon will it be before every country on earth adopts the same guidelines? The Geneva Conventions have been shredded by the leaders of the Republican Party. Abraham Lincoln is all but forgotten by the GOP leadership.

Do not point fingers at George Bush or Dick Cheney or Dennis Hastert or Attorney General Gonzales alone. Just because a medical doctor named Frist approves of torture does not make him solely responsible. Senator John McCain, a man subjected to years of torture himself in Vietnam, also voted to allow Bush to torture prisoners but he is not alone.

You, yes YOU, have allowed YOUR leaders to DESTROY YOUR United States Constitution. You have done nothing to stop them while they built concentration camps in Eastern Europe, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Texas. Yes, even in Texas, Halliburton has almost finished the construction of new American Gulags in the heart of Texas. But it does not matter where the torture takes place, YOU allowed it and YOU can expect to reap the harvest of violence YOU have sown. Now watch silently as all this government-sanctioned violence begets a scourge of YOUR own creation.

Through the acts of our own citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan we have become the gods molding our own enemies out of sand. We trained and equipped Bin Laden in Afghanistan many years ago. We train young farm boys to shoot first and ask no questions later. In our desperation we recruit criminals off our own streets that later rape and murder the wives of the people we supposedly liberated. Nearly 20% of the latest U.S. Army recruits have criminal records. Now we have legalized the same acts performed at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. Is it any wonder that Iraqi brothers and fathers shoot our young men and plant bombs under the roads our boys travel?

It is only going to get worse, day after day. And it will spread like a wildfire through dry timber.

We now imagine we are at the bottom of this slippery slope into evil but in reality we have only begun to trod down this murderous path. Americans, do not listen to the men who tell you they are simply trying to bring justice to the perpetrators of 9/11. It has been 5 years since that day and no serious effort has been made to clean up Waziristan or stop the flow of money from the Middle East to the madrassas training them. No one is listening to the U.S. Generals pleas for help. Almost no cargo coming into the U.S is being inspected. Most of all, not one serious step has been made by the U.S. in the direction of changing the dire situation faced by millions of poor in countries all over the world, regardless of what religion they believe in.

Why do you think a man who loans $100 to millions of poor Bangladeshi women was recently given the Nobel PEACE Prize? Poverty, people, POVERTY, STARVATION, LACK OF WATER, LACK OF HEALTH CARE, these are the ultimate roots of all violence. Meanwhile, the U.S. wastes trillions of dollars on bombs and bullets and achieves no peace whatsoever, in fact, we only create more enemies.

When you fill up your tank with fuel you are paying for the lessons given to suicide bombers, it is that simple, people. When you support the Iraq War, not the troops but idea of an illegal war, you are sowing the seeds of the next suicide attack somewhere in the world. When you sit back and allow your leaders, the Republicans in Congress and the White House, to pass laws that completely destroy the Constitution, you might as well forget about any bright future for your children or for the entire planet.

Mr. Bush is correct when he says this war will continue for a generation. It is also destroying a generation of men and women all over the Earth, right now. Is anyone else willing to walk to their polling place and vote for a change to all this corruption, injustice, and pointless violence?

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