Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Weird News: Cell Phone Infertility, Willing Prisoner, and Election Fraud

Three strange but true news articles about the world around us:

Cell Phone Infertility

The British tell us that constantly talking on cell phones causes a decrease in fertility in men. Considering the growing threat posed by people using the cell phone while driving their cars, this may not be bad news. In the long run perhaps survival of the fittest means slowly weeding out crazy drivers.

Prisoner Refuses Freedom

Here we have a true story about a German man imprisoned for 34 years that does not want to leave when his sentence is completed. To add to the absurdity of the situation German prisoners are not required to leave prison at the end of their term.

Computers To Decide Election

Finally we read about a definitive new study which says machines will decide who wins the upcoming elections in the United States. The Diebold Corporation, the leading maker of electronic voting machines, has the ability to alter election results. The leaders of Diebold profess to be conservative Republicans so it becomes an easy guess which way they will change the votes.

Gov. Robert Ehrlich (R-Maryland), a Republican running for reelection, advised residents to vote by absentee ballot because he had no confidence in the machines.

"I don't care if we paid half a billion dollars or $1 billion," Ehrlich said. "If it's going to put the election at risk, there's no price tag for a phony election or a fraudulent election."

Has anyone else read Upton Sinclair's novel The Jungle? It contains a very precise description of how U.S. ballot boxes were routinely stuffed at the start of the last century. Given the opportunity, political parties will do absolutely anything to stay in power.

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