Monday, October 09, 2006

What North Korea's Nuclear Test Really Means

North Korea's underground nuclear test proved more than that nation's capability to detonate a 15 kiloton thermonuclear weapon. Pyongyang's nuclear test proves a nation that is an economic failure can still threaten a superpower. Korea's test also demonstrates the weakness of that superpower. The United States is powerless to do anything more than increase the suffering of the starving North Koreans.
Nuclear Blast 1945
Naval blockades, increased sanctions, and UN declarations will only increase the problem of starvation across North Korea. North Korean leaders will continue to finance a life of luxury using counterfeit U.S. $100 bills, also known as supernotes. South Korean citizens that can afford to will likely seek to leave the peninsula, even though the targets of North Korean weapons are known to be the Alaskan oil fields, Pearl Harbor, and perhaps Seattle (Note: Do not try to use logic to understand the thoughts of Kim Jong-il. A Ouija board works better.)

Russia and China will probably do nothing just because the world diplomatic community is so disconnected. You never remove the punching bag from the gym. The United States diplomatic efforts, if you could call them that, have been so focused on protecting Israel from perceived Iranian threats that the entire U.S. Western flank is now exposed. The U.S. anti-ballistic missile shield has had maybe one successful test, a test so contrived that it could barely fail. All the other recent missile shield tests were utter failures. Of course North Korea's missile tests have not fared much better. However, it only takes one nuclear warhead to spoil your entire day.

Bush and Cheney could not be bothered to deal with Korea right now. They are too busy raising millions to pay for the outrageous Republican campaign expenses. With Tom Delay out of the picture the GOP is having a hard time raising money for negative campaign ads. This has not stopped the Vice-President from going around the country scaring people. Congress is too busy trying to cover the tracks of their former pedophile GOP leader Foley, activities they knew about for more than 5 years. Finally, high-ranking assistant to Mr. Bush resigned on Friday night, Susan Ralston was taking money from Jack Abramoff. Dirty politicians are too busy to pay attention to nuclear weapons tests.

Donald Rumsfeld over at the Pentagon is too busy trying to hold onto his job as Secretary of Defense. A job Rumsfeld has done so poorly the U.S. military is now too weak to respond to Korea in any significant manner.

Looking at how Bush responded to the attacks of September, 11, 2001 here is how the White House will respond to North Korea's nuclear test:

- Cheney will go to CIA headquarters and find evidence that North Korea's bomb was actually made in Iran.
-Tony Blair will find more evidence to prove Iran has proven WMD stocks.
- Secretary of State Rice will go to the United Nations to present this evidence.
- The United Nations will fail to approve an invasion of Iran in order to stop North Korea.
- The U.S. military will go ahead alone with the plans to invade Iran that were created years ago.
- The U.S. newspapers and television, led by Fox News will report that all the evidence linking Iran to North Korea is completely true.
- The White House will institute an emergency draft, without Congressional approval, after the elections, of course.
- More Americans will die in combat.
- The U.S. debt will increase from 8 trillion to 10 trillion dollars.
- Israel will drop more cluster bombs on the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, and the West Bank while no attention is being paid to Palestine.

How quickly the world has forgotten what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It all makes you want to sit back and listen to Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World doesn't it?


Vito said...

Amen brother. There is some really scary stuff happening in this works. And when we fought Korea the first time (if it comes to that), it was pretty ugly.

_Thomas Williams said...

Dear Vito,

This time around many people will not get the chance to suffer as they did in the Korean War. Today's nuclear weapons are not like your grandfather's hydrogen bombs.