Sunday, November 26, 2006

PROOF: All Politicians Are Corrupt

Just a hint of a terrorist plot to blow up airliners leads to a major shut down of UK airports but an attack with a radioactive substance (polonium-210) goes undetected for days. The recent eColi outbreak attributed to tainted spinach went undetected for three days because most government offices were closed for the weekend. Nobody guessed that airliners could actually be hijacked by terrorists.

White House

It all makes you wonder how far an attack by a radioactive dirty bomb would spread before being detected, especially if it happened at the start of a three-day weekend. The mighty leaders of Western nations do not want the public to know that few safeguards are in place to guard against the use of radioactive materials. The prevention measures that are in place, like those little detectors located along highways, have been proven nearly worthless. Wonderful new detectors are now under development by a few firms. Those should be in-place by 2010, nine years after the attacks of 2001. 65 years after the Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

Sixty years after the United States soaked two Japanese cities in radiation, major governments are just now learning how to detect such an attack. But they certainly have all the equipment and know how to start a nuclear holocaust. What a ridiculous state of affairs!

It seems government leaders are too busy lining their pockets with stolen taxpayer money to actually think about protecting their citizens. If it does not profit the people that contributed millions to your campaign forget about getting it done. It's okay if millions of poor people die of curable diseases like malaria or TB, they never gave a dime to help your election. Screw 'em.

Everyone is so afraid of upsetting the guys with all the oil (Russia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Iran, etc.) that nothing will ever be done about the heinous crimes the leaders of those nations perpetuate every day. Instead you will see Dick Cheney sucking up to the sheiks, British leaders tiptoeing around Vladimir Putin, and the rest of Europe a little too afraid to actually make Iran stop building nuclear weapons. Do not upset North Korea or China might stop shipping underwear and toys to WalMart. The leaders of every country sit trapped in plush armchairs, their souls long ago sold to the highest bidder.

The people that did give politicians money want more people sick with cancer, after all it is one of the most profitable businesses, after the business of war. Business leaders just want to make sure they get another million added to their paychecks this year. Even the heads of major hospitals and schools are really only concerned about maximizing profits. Education and health care are limited to those who can afford to pay higher and higher costs every year. The rest of us are sentenced to die a miserable death by these people that call themselves "leaders."

The people you elect are out there only to profit on human misery and death, make no mistake about it. They lie to the TV cameras and go home and examine their bank statements. Eventually they will respond to an impending disaster, once they figure out a way to make a huge profit from the solution.

Forget about a revolution, your elected officials will only gun you down in the streets like the rabid dogs they think you are.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lincoln on Elections

To give victory to the right, not bloody bullets, but peaceful ballots only, are necessary.

Abraham Lincoln