Thursday, December 21, 2006

Get Fucked, Fox TV Tells FCC

Read the story for yourself if you don't believe me. Carter Phillips, the attorney for FOX television told the FCC to get fucked yesterday, in a Federal Appeals Court, no less. What timing, right in the thick of the Christmas season Fox demands the right to curse at Americans on network TV!

U2 0111

I think Fox Television and Rupert Murdoch have gone off the deep end since the November Mid-Term Elections and O.J. Simpson, "Suppose I Did Murder Nicole" debacle. The old boys behind the "We report, You decide." slogan must be sippin' a little too much eggnog or strong apple cider. They seem to be jealous of the cast of Deadwood or The Sopranos. How far we have come since everyone got their panties in a bunch over Janet Jackson's boob during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Get over it Fox and interview a few Libertarians or Green Party politicians. Asking your right wing audience to accept locker room language during prime time is no way to do your warmongering and promotion of racial hatred. What would your radio announcer, Rush Limbaugh, think of this shameless banter? It's enough to make Michelle Malkin blush during another interview with that loudmouth O'Reilly. What's wrong? Ratings dipping a little too much this holiday season or are you afraid of the new English-language al Jazeera?

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