Monday, December 11, 2006

House Pedophile Cover-Up Continues!

Late Friday afternoon your Congressmen decided that it is perfectly okay to cover up pedophile behavior. They issued a report that decided it was correct for Dennis Hastert and other Congressional leaders to cover-up the behavior of Congressman Mark Foley. Not one person will be punished for these heinous acts!


They knew Foley was abusing Congressional pages as far back as 1995! They decided not to tell anyone because they were afraid people might not vote for pedophile Congressmen and the legislators that associate with them. They still do not want you to think about this issue! This is why they released the report at 4 o'clock on a Friday afternoon in Washington, DC. Nobody pays attention to news that comes out at that time of the week.

U.S. Capitol 19918

Foley did not just exchange text messages with teenage House pages, he visited them in their private dormitory rooms. Whatever he did to them in those rooms caused them to leave the programs and return to their home states. They still do not want to talk about the sexually explicit behavior Congressman Mark Foley openly admits he is responsible for.

Most of the Congressmen that clearly met and decided to cover-up this behavior are still your congressmen, serving their best interests by keeping you in the dark about why they really did what they did! Ask them about this cover-up the next time you write them or attend a local meeting with your Representative. Young people should be protected by laws these people are elected to write. Teenagers should not be allowed to be exploited as sexual toys while the other Congressmen do absolutely nothing whatsoever year after year!

Here is the report if you want to read the disgusting details of the cover-up:

House Foley Report Cover Page

Or should we call it the Page Cover-Up? Here is the actual content, the above link they released to the public is only a cover page. They really do not want you to read about this chapter in the history of the U.S. Government

PDF File of Page Report Contents

New York Times story

Washington Post article

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