Thursday, December 07, 2006

Israel Brushes Off Iraq Report

In a very absurd comment, Ehud Olmert says "The attempt to create linkage between the Iraqi issue and the Mideast issue - we have a different view," Olmert tells reporters in Tel Aviv.

The Washington Post tells us that Olmert thinks it is "wrong to link the Arab-Israeli conflict with woes in the Middle East"

Just what is Israel's Prime Minister thinking? Has Olmert looked at a map lately? What do the majority of Israelis think about relationship between the Arab-Israeli War and the conflict in the Middle East?

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Olmert wants no part of any discussions with Syria. Does Israel really want to seek a solution to the ongoing differences with its neighbors? The majority of the Israeli people want lasting peace, of that you can be sure. They say so at every opportunity they are given to speak out.

"I can only say that the opinions I heard from the president and from all senior administration staff on the Syrian issue are such that he did not see a feasibility in talks on the American-Syrian track or on the Israeli-Syrian track," Olmert states. It would seem that Israel is willing to do nothing unless the United States tells it to act. Even then, the U.S. must back up requests with threats to stop funding Israel before it listens. Why is this the case?

It is the ongoing rejection of talks with other nations that mark the Bush and Olmert Administrations as among the weakest in recent history, diplomatically speaking. Building walls, instead of engaging in dialog with your neighbors, accomplishes nothing. Future generations will look back on these leaders as ineffective and even dangerous to their citizens. Hopefully, the new leaders about to take their places will have an open mind to new approaches for peace.

The Iraq Study Group dares to state what no other senior statesmen have dared to say in many years. Shooting at each other accomplishes nothing but needless bloodshed and ongoing strife for millions of people. The answers are found in the bridges we build, not the structures we blow up or refuse to construct in the first place.

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