Friday, December 08, 2006

More Ways Congress Steals From You!

Concerned Citizens, you have been robbed, swindled, and cheated by the people you vote for and by your neighbors!

$172 billion has been wasted in the past 10 years on farm subsidies that do little more than assure that farmers continue to vote for the corrupt politicians that approve the subsidies. Many of the people that receive farm subsidies are not even farmers, some are not even American citizens.

Wasted Taxpayer Money

Corolla Colt

If you read any of the articles mentioned in this blog you will not find a single case where someone refused to cash checks they did not deserve. No, they justify this rape of the American taxpayer by saying that if they did not steal the money, i.e. cash the checks, someone else will. Why not steal? Every other rich farmer does it.

The Bush Administration found $750 million to spend on ranchers just 12 weeks before elections in 2002. The rest of America wondered how these cattle farmers could be so gullible to vote for the same old corrupt Congressmen and Senators. These country-dwelling folk were not duped, the votes of these people were purchased though pork barrel legislation.

Congress and the Bush Administration approved a Livestock Compensation Program that cost taxpayers $1.2 billion during its two years of existence, 2002 and 2003. $635 million went to ranchers and dairy farmers in areas where there was moderate drought or none at all, according to government records analyzed by The Washington Post. No ranchers were required to prove they suffered any actual loss. The government sends each of them a check simply based on the number of cattle they owned. No other proof required! Some of this money went to farmers whose farms were located 20 miles from where the Space Shuttle Columbia blew up. For no other reason than that.

Profiting From Death

The Bush Administration spent $750 million of government money deliberately to buy votes for Republican candidates. No secret program, this was done in broad daylight with plenty of press coverage. How else to convince rural populations to vote for some of the most corrupt politicians in U.S. history? Buy the votes outright.

This comes from a political machine that has the hypocrisy to accuse governments around the world of corruption and election-tampering.

Don't worry about some poor farmer not getting a subsidy check if these programs are stopped, the checks mostly go to rich farmers making whopping profits. Poor farmers typically do not qualify for farm subsidies.

Really poor farmers in Africa and other poor nations are not even permitted to sell to the U.S. market, these subsidies make that a certainty. Therefore these subsidies cause many people to see no reasons not to support people planning attacks against Americans. In this way, farm subsidies promote terrorist attacks on U.S. interests and citizens. Also, if a terrorist needs money, why not buy former rice growing farmland in America and collect the subsidy checks? IT IS THAT EASY!

Read It And Weap

The recent November elections were just the start. There is a plenty of work do to if we are ever going to get to the bottom of the corrupt government in Washington.

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