Monday, January 01, 2007

How Much Money Should You Earn?

In a recent interview for the Washington Post, Chief Justice Roberts complained about his $212,000 annual salary. I know how these complaints about pay get started. The Honorable Chief Justice needs to go home and tell Mrs. Roberts to consider the facts.
U.S. Supreme Court 9899
The federal minimum wage is around $5 an hour, Mrs. Roberts. The median household income for people living in the United States was just over $46,000 in 2005 (half the people make less and half make more than 46k). Your husband makes more than four times that much, Mrs. Roberts, in a cushy job guaranteed for life. You should still be able afford a house in Fairfax with a Mercedes in the driveway and an HD television in the den. Pour another glass of Dom Perignon and learn to live within your means, Mrs. Roberts.

Judge Roberts had something else unusual to say in his Post interview, the judiciary should not be made up of the independently wealthy or people for whom the judicial salary represents a pay increase. The man appointed by George W. Bush to lead one of the three branches of national government wants to make sure rich and poor people never get to be judges. What's left Judge Roberts? There is no more middle class, your Republican party made sure that happened with the last six years of runaway spending.

The country has a national debt of trillions and trillions of dollars but not one single leader wants to acknowledge that fact. Exactly when are you and your rich friends going to wake up and see the debt crisis, Judge Roberts? This country is bankrupt and the leaders like you are riding down the road with blindfolds on.

Pay the steroid-addled football and baseball athletes millions each year. Pay the thieving corporate executives tens of millions each year. Make sure the bankers and lawyers get their millions every twelve months but keep the masses living from paycheck to paycheck. There's a sound fiscal strategy. We may not know what the income gap looked like at the end of the Roman Empire but I suspect it was not much different.

The median national income in China is around $1,000. In Haiti the median national income is less than $500. People living in the United States, especially chief justices, should be thankful for the money they make while their nation exploits the poor in other nations.

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