Monday, January 08, 2007

Smithsonian Museum Promotes Showtime Smut

The Smithsonian Museum recently granted exclusive commercial access to Showtime networks. Showtime is now using Smithsonian Museum materials to create television programming that will lead more viewers to watch the pornography and other smut programming Showtime airs.

Smithsonian 12184

If you do not subscribe to the Showtime cable network, or live near Washington, DC, you will not be able to watch Smithsonian programming created by Showtime. Sign up for Showtime now so that your family can watch shows with these titles: Masters of Horror, Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, Queer As Folk, Sexual Healing, Sleeper Cell, The L Word, The Underground Weeds, and White Boyz in the Hood after a Smithsonian Museum special on American History!

Showtime promotes boxing, an activity prohibited in most U.S. states. There is nothing to prevent Showtime from using Smithsonian archive materials to draw more viewers to watch boxing. What a great way to use the contents of our national museum!

From this point forward, all other commercial uses of Smithsonian materials will be subject to extreme scrutiny. If any commercial organization plans to use just a little too much Smithsonian content, that project will be stopped. How much Smithsonian content you can use will be determined by a secret contract between Showtime executives and Smithsonian Museum curators. In the meantime Showtime will profit from the Smithsonian Museum and share only a fraction of the profits with them.

Members of U.S. Congress know all about this dirty deal. They plan to do nothing about it. In fact, your Representatives and Senators are allowing the Smithsonian to cover-up the details of this sleazy affair.

The reason few people have heard of this deal is because the contract between the Smithsonian and Showtime is secret. The taxpayers that support the Smithsonian are not permitted to see the content of this contract.

How much longer will it be before you have to subscribe to Showtime before being admitted to the National Air and Space Museum or the National Zoo?

Write your Congressman or Senator to object to this sell-out of your national treasures. Write them before our national museum becomes nothing more than another cable TV channel.

The Smithsonian mission statement reads:

The Smithsonian is committed to enlarging our shared understanding of the mosaic that is our national identity by providing authoritative experiences that connect us to our history and our heritage as Americans and to promoting innovation, research and discovery in science.

but only through Showtime networks!!!

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Anonymous said...

Although many if not most of the original programs on the Showtime cable network are as "sleazy" as you describe, one show on your list is actually worthy of being connected to the Smithsonian: SLEEPER CELL. It's the only non-Liberally-biased show about Islamic terrorism that has ever been done for American TV. Lots of people talk about how "conservative" the Fox show "24" is but the truth is that every season on "24" the real bad guys turn out to be corrupt American government officials and/or greedy American corporations. Only on Showtime's "Sleeper Cell" can you see fictional Islamic extremist terrorists portrayed exactly the way they are in real life. IAs a social conservative myself, in my humble opinion, until you watch it and decide otherwise, you should take "Sleeper Cell" off your list of Showtime "pornography".