Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Truth About China

I am well-aware that it is next to impossible to verify exactly where the deaths took place in China in 1989. Just as it is impossible to determine how many people are jailed for attempting to practice whatever religion they believe in or how many die in China's deadly coal mines each year. Huge areas of China remain off limits to outside observers of any kind.
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The point to remember about Tiananmen Square is that China brutally repressed its citizens one more time and Western nations finally stood up and took notice. They gathered together in protest, launched an embargo on arms shipments, and made the Chinese Communist leadership take notice.

Even if the embargo has not had the intended effect of stopping a military build-up, the West's reaction and the world's reaction to the events which took place around the time of the Tiananmen Square Protest in 1989 have made a difference in the lives of the Chinese people.

Finally, it must be clearly stated that all economic activity with China allows that brutal regime to continue supporting the genocide in Sudan, the sickening state of affairs in North Korea, Tibet, and Burma, and of course, the ongoing repression of the Chinese people. The Las Vegas casino firms of Wynn and the Sands, the equity investors on Wall Street, the U.S. firms trading with China, and the American shoppers buying cheap Chinese goods are all supporting a government that has absolutely no concern for human rights whatsoever.

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