Friday, January 05, 2007

U.S. Building China's Air Force Despite Ban

China proudly announced today that it now has the capability of building advanced fighter jets. The Jian-10 fighter aircraft is widely known to be based on the U.S. F-16 jet fighter. In fact, the two aircraft look identical. The Chengdu Aircraft Company developed the fighter using F-16 plans provided by the United States, through Israel.

F16 Fighter Jet

There is one problem here, one big problem. Publicly, the U.S. and Europe claim to be enforcing an embargo on weapons sales to China. Since the bloody massacre of Chinese civilians at or near Tiananmen Square in 1989 there has been an embargo on weapons sales directly to China.

Will U.S. Congress ask Israel to explain why it is acting as a U.S. proxy helping China build major weapons systems? Do not hold your breath, members of the House of Representatives and Senate depend on Israeli government kickbacks of U.S. aid to Israel. AIPAC, the Israeli lobby will come down swift and hard on any U.S. politician that dares to initiate an investigation of how the F-16 plans got to China via the Israeli Air Force.

Does it matter that China received U.S. assistance while building the Jian-10 fighter? It does if anyone in the United States still cares about human rights.

Does it matter that we send billions of tax dollars to Israel each year and they turn around and sell our F-16 technology to China? It does if anyone in the U.S. cares about the spread of weapons of mass destruction. An F-16 fighter is a weapon of mass destruction, forget the other definitions, the F-16 is a delivery system for nuclear weapons.

Oh, that's right, U.S. President George W. Bush legalized all forms of torture, international kidnapping, aka extraordinary rendition, indefinite imprisonment without trial, and suspension of trial by jury. It is hard to remember that the United States no longer honors the Geneva Conventions. So what China did to those workers and students peacefully protesting in and around Tiananmen Square in 1989 does not really matter any more.

When China uses those Jian-10 jets to bomb and strafe Taiwanese cities, gives a few to North Korea, or sells a few to Burma, Iran, and Syria, remember who gave them the technology. The United States did that, all in the name of spreading democracy to that major communist trading partner, China.

Have fun shopping at WalMart this weekend. Be sure to check out all those products from communist China on nearly every shelf in the store. Great prices, huh?


Anonymous said...

I hope you'll give this TAM retrospective a pass, thanks:

The Myth of Tiananmen
And the Price of a Passive Press
by Jay Mathews

Thomas Williams said...

I am well-aware it is next to impossible to verify exactly where the deaths took place in China in 1989. Just as it is impossible to determine how many people are jailed for attempting to practice whatever religion they believe in or die in China's deadly coal mines. The point to remember about Tiananmen Square is that China brutally repressed its citizens one more time and Western nations finally stood up and took notice. They gathered together in protest, launched an embargo on arms shipments, and made the Chinese Communist leadership take notice.

Even if the embargo has not had the intended effect, the West's reaction and the world's reaction to the events which took place around the time of Tiananmen Square have made a difference in the lives of the Chinese people.

Finally, it must be clearly stated that all economic activity with China allows that brutal regime to continue supporting the genocide in Sudan, the sickening state of affairs in North Korea, Tibet, and Burma, and of course, the ongoing repression of the Chinese people. The Las Vegas casino firms of Wynn and the Sands, the equity investors on Wall Street, the U.S. firms trading with China, and the American shoppers buying cheap Chinese goods are all supporting a government that has absolutely no concern for human rights whatsoever.