Monday, February 19, 2007

All The Liars In Washington

In everything except this he had the usual reinforced truth programming. We believe his truth programming and the instructions to lie, gradually resulted in an incompatible conflict, and faced with this dilemma, he developed, for want of a better description, neurotic symptoms. - HAL's breakdown in 2001: A Space Odyssey

Aide to Vice-President Cheney, Lewis Scooter Libby, is accused of acts of perjury before a grand jury. Dishonest statements made before a jury must not be tolerated by any society that upholds trial by jury as a method for enforcing the laws of the land.
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Aide to President Bush, Karl Rove, somehow avoids all prosecution for perjury or violations of the Espionage Act.

Cases where elected leaders and their assistants are found to be making false statements to any jury must be vigorously pursued. Leaders must be held to a higher standard of conduct or they are not in fact good leaders. Vice-President Cheney, Libby, and others cannot hide behind the assumption that Valerie Plame might no longer need any cover while on overseas assignments for the CIA. Cheney and other members of the Bush Administration clearly initiated conversations about known U.S. intelligence agents with people that did hold the necessary clearances. In fact, Cheney and staff deliberately discussed CIA employee Plame with members of the press in order to draw public attention to her work as a CIA agent.

Besides the various provisions in the Espionage Act of 1917, this issue was clearly addressed by the court in 1985 in US v. SAMUEL LORING MORISON. (Court Case) Public officials must not be allowed to spill the beans about classified intelligence for nefarious purposes.

If any other citizen were on trial for something they did at work you might expect their manager to be expected to testify in court. If the manager still holds the employee in high esteem the boss may sing the employee's virtues. If the employee is in disgrace the employer may shed some light on how such a thing happened. In the case of Lewis Libby, Vice President Cheney was not called to testify during the actual court proceedings. Once again, the Bush Administration changes the laws for their own benefit while setting a poor example as leaders.

The press reports try to apologize for the all this dishonesty by proclaiming that everyone is telling lies most of the time.

The script from 2001 continues like this:

It's not difficult to suppose that these symptoms would centre on the communication link with Earth, for he may have blamed us for his incompatible programming...At this point, he, presumably, took whatever actions he thought appropriate to protect himself from what must have seemed to him to be his human tormentors.

If I can speak in human terms, I don't think we can blame him too much. We have ordered him to disobey his conscience.

Well, that's it. It's very speculative, but we think it is a possible explanation. Anyway, good luck on the rest of the Mission and I'm giving you back to Bernard.

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