Monday, February 26, 2007

Letter From An Uninsured Person:

NEWS: Health Care Spending to Double
Maryland Boy Dies For Lack Of Dentist

Dear Congress,

I am one of those 45 million people without health insurance you don't give a damn about. I realize you are too busy taking bribes to pass laws to benefit rich criminals but I thought I would write you anyway. I am at work but I am really sick today and do not feel up to doing my job. I wonder if that has any impact on our nation's industrial productivity?

I am not unemployed or on welfare. I do not have a family that needs me to support them. In fact, I have no dependents whatsoever so maybe it is quite okay that I will die sooner than you. I have several ailments that I carry around with me, not that you care about that but I thought I would tell you anyway. One of my ailments, a fungus, is something I picked up in a tropical country several years ago. Some of these things I have are pretty serious a friend once told me. I wouldn't know, without insurance I am not allowed to see a doctor for proper treatment.
Ananda Nagar, Purulia District 100008
When I get the flu or a virus, I keep going to my office. I need the money to pay my bills so I cannot afford to miss one day. Some times I notice that my co-workers get sick not long after I have gone to work sick. I have no doubt that some of them caught their bug from me. It no longer matters to me who else gets sick or what caused it. I do not even bother to take over-the-counter medicine any more. Who cares?

I do try to avoid getting sick or injured but without health insurance I must do this without the help of a doctor. Every few years I have to go to a hospital, the ambulance driver always refuses to just take me to my apartment to die alone. When I get to the hospital the Emergency Room nurses are really kind to me, until they learn I have no health insurance. Sometimes they make me go to another hospital in the poor part of town, it depends on if they can stop the bleeding or not. The hospital in the poor part of town closed so that situation is no longer a problem for me.

I write "Indigent" on the hospital forms along with "No fixed address." The hospital hates when I do this and they threaten me but I have no other choice, the doctors would take my last dime if I told them where I live. I make up a Social Security number just like the illegal aliens do. I give my wallet to a friend just before the ambulance gets there. I never get the prescription filled, it costs too much and just makes me sleepy. Besides, I need to be back at work the next day. At least my Emergency Room visits are free, right? I should be thankful of that.

I have tried to obtain health insurance several times. The best offer I get is a policy that costs $350 per month and covers almost no health problems. The annual deductible would be $5,000 so I never do actually sign up for a policy.

Funny thing is, I have a college degree, no debt, and a little savings in the bank and I still cannot afford health insurance. Do you see anything wrong with that picture?

I understand that President Bush is pushing the idea of Health Savings Accounts. That man has lied to me so many times I do not believe a word he says. Hell, he is trying as hard as he can to kill more poor people with his new war in Iran. I am too old to die in Dick Cheney's fantasy world. Even a dumb little person like me can see that Health Savings Accounts are just another way to trick people into paying outrageous hospital costs that mostly just go to pay lawyers and malpractice insurance premiums anyway.

My employer used to offer health insurance but hardly anybody except the boss could afford the premiums so they stopped offering it. Many of the other women are covered by their husband's health insurance so they do not care. We make more than the current minimum wage so raising that a few pennies will not solve this problem.

I understand why the rich drug companies and hospital owners block all efforts to start a National Health Care plan. They need to make exorbitant profits for stockholders and public health care is unprofitable. The insurance companies simply want to sell expensive policies so I understand their opposition to national health care.

In a few years I'll be eligible for Medicare, if I live that long. I hear you are planning to provide more and more money to the Medicare program. At least you are doing something for the sick old folks.

What really burns me up is that doctors and the American Medical Association also want to keep millions of Americans from receiving affordable health care. Elected officials like you and other people in Congress go so far as to call national health insurance a "Third Rail". You figure you will get burned by the voters if you even touch the issue. It seems that all the rich people in America would rather that the poor people just die off instead of getting proper health care.

Most rich people making millions each year have no clue a health care problem even exists in the United States. They are too busy planning their next vacation or boat purchase. Just exactly who do you think will paint your big houses, cut your vast lawns, and sell you cigarettes at the convenience store when all the poor people are gone? Oh, I forgot, you think the illegal aliens do a better job and they hardly ever get sick, right?
19th Century Horse-Drawn Hearse 48769

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