Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mending Iraq: Concise Solutions

Marine Chinook 16796


In the normal course of creating a new government licensing of all businesses would naturally be part of the standard operating procedure. In the case of Iraq, authorities currently in-control need to immediately register and license every truck & auto repair shop, auto parts dealers, and all machine shops with enclosed spaces. Expediting this government function, beginning with larger commercial shops and the smallest auto repair facilities at once, will unveil multiple sites where car bomb assembly occurs. The mere act of publicly inspecting some auto repair facilities will certainly cause disruptions to other sites engaged in car bomb manufacture. These facilities are not that difficult to detect based on traffic patterns, distinctive scents, neighborhood knowledge, road stains, and especially the presence of parts suppliers. However rural auto repair facilities in areas known for increased violence should be suspect. This was the case on February 20, 2007 in Karma, Iraq, where four vehicles were found in the process of being converted for nefarious purpose.

Inspectors must document all services rendered, fluids maintained, weights and measures. A stringent European Union vehicle repair facility inspection procedure should be utlilized.

IMPORTANT: This practice may cause car bomb manufacturers to outsource operations to other provinces or even neighboring countries. Increased inspection of all vehicles entering the country will be required.

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