Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Future of Don Imus

Don Imus was locked into a contract at CBS, albeit a $10 million per year arrangement for 5 years. However one might expect that satellite radio was ready to offer perhaps 4 times that amount, in the same fashion that they lured the other "shock jock" Stern. One might suspect that this was a pre-planned ploy to get Imus fired from MSNBC and CBS in order to leave him free to go on satellite radio.

New York City 8670

The strategy appears to have back-fired because no major public organization will likely want anything to do with a potato as hot as Don Imus.

Imus may still end up on satellite radio after enough time has passed for the public to forget his recent racist outburst.

For anyone feeling the slightest remorse that a man has lost his job, this man was paid $10 million a year. He probably has not made less than $1 million a year since the 1980's. If he has not been able to save up enough for a comfortable retirement given that amount of money he has only himself to blame.

In any event the forthcoming book Imus is certain to write will sell 10 million copies. There is some truth to that saying that no form of publicity is entirely bad publicity.

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