Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Karl Rove Under Investigation, Again and Again...

The LA Times and Washington Post report that the U.S. Office of Special Counsel is going to start investigating Karl Rove. Rove is well-known as the puppeteer pulling the strings on the George Bush doll we call our U.S. President.

The investigation is not expected to reveal any findings until 2015. Nevertheless Dick Cheney has ordered his replacement for fall guy Scooter Libby to dig up some dirt on anyone that works at the Special Counsel offices.

Karl Rove has been using government employees, working on taxpayer's time, to interfere with elections nationwide. The U.S. Attorney Firing debacle is only the latest in a long string of Rove's politically motivated actions impacting the lives of every U.S. citizen.

Rove has long been accused of being the president's right arm, for that matter Bush's left arm, brain, and balls. Rove's e-mails seem to disappear whenever he is accused of doing something wrong. Every White House has political aims but Rove moved the headquarters of the Republican National Committee into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He uses RNC e-mail to cover-up his deceptions because that e-mail is set to automatically delete all illegal messages. When Rove revealed the identity of a CIA agent everyone overlooked that gross violation of the Espionage Act. When he ordered Attorney General Gonzales to fire attorneys that were not willing to work under Republican Party orders, he may have gone too far.

Does anyone in Washington,D.C. know anything about the Hatch Act? It is illegal for federal employees to conduct political activities.

Rove knows his time as the de-facto unelected U.S. President is drawing to a close. Expect his actions to get more desperate as federal prosecutors demand more of his time. He even flipped out on musician Sheryl Crow last weekend. This is a man on the edge, expect more fireworks in the days ahead. Rove's legacy of a failed war for oil, failed torture policy, failed Social Security privatization, and failed mid-term elections will follow him no matter where he goes. At least a job at Halliburton or SAIC will be there to pay the legal bills once the disgraceful Bush, er Rove Presidency grinds to a halt.

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