Tuesday, April 24, 2007



The United States government is spending tens of billions of dollars to build a new U.S. embassy in Baghdad. The project has been going on for years. The basic design appearance is that of a huge concrete fortress surrounded by not one or two but three very thick concrete walls. Given all that protection, what building do you think the Iraqi people will choose to trash in the days immediately following the U.S. troop withdrawal?

Did the Viet Cong leave our embassy in Saigon untouched after the last Marine climbed aboard a helicopter? How well do you think the Afghanis took care of the U.S. embassy in Kabul during the years of Taliban rule? Think the U.S. Embassy in Tehran was kept in great condition for all those years?

Diplomatic missions only work when there is true ongoing diplomacy with a nation. When the talks break down you can expect everything else to get broken down fairly quickly.


Today, the leaders of some countries are adopting a new diplomatic strategy. They are refusing to even engage in talks with another country unless one or more demands are totally met before the talks even begin. That is not negotiation, that is bullying.

The result of this "refusal-to-even-talk-strategy" is usually ten thousand or a hundred thousand dead people buried in cemeteries all over the world. Clifden Memorial 00008

Another result is a trillion dollars lost. You cannot even imagine how much money a trillion dollars is but rest assured it could be used to build thousands of hospitals, schools, and homes.

Instead that trillion dollars is being used to kill lives and destroy homes, schools, and hospitals.

All because a few leaders just could not sit down and talk their differences over.


The people who say we cannot stop making war now have a valid point. Once you stir up a hornet's nest, you can never really just walk away. You either have to destroy the nest, typically with fire or pesticides, or else run away real fast. You should have thought of that before you stirred up those stinging insects in the first place.

You did not think that by toppling their queen you would be welcomed into their hive with open antenna, did you?

Sometimes the pesticides and fire do not seem to have the right effect on the hive. If that does not stop the hornets from stinging you, you may have no choice but to run away. Be careful, those hornets will likely chase you for a quite a distance before they give up. Remember, they can fly anywhere they want to rather quickly. Be careful not to lead them into the neighbor's yard.

THE FINAL DEFEATNuclear Blast 1945

War is not diplomacy, it is undiplomatic leaders sending poor people to die for the financial gain of the rich. Blood money is what they call the proceeds of war. There are always thousands of people eager to make money from the next war.

War is an ancient tribal practice dating back to the beginning of the human race. As long as humans continue to make war on each other they cannot be considered "civilized." They obviously have not taught their young to be civil with each other.

It is quite likely, almost certain in fact, that war will be the cause of the end of the human race. Like the dinosaurs, the human race was given a chance to see if it could peacefully exist on earth. The humans failed that test. The pity is that we will destroy so many innocent species with our final acts of war.

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