Wednesday, May 16, 2007

McCartney iTune Release = Beatles Next

The release of Paul McCartney's Memory Almost Full album on iTunes is the best indication yet that the entire Beatles catalog will appear in the same venue quite soon. A late story in the New York Times entitled: Amazon To Sell Music Without Copy Protection, also tells us that significant changes are coming to the online music business. The Beatles catalog will join The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd as classic rock musicians available for download into the iconic iPod. The value of this addition to iTunes is proving very difficult for analysts to determine but $1 billion dollars is the initial estimate for total sales spurred by the Beatles addition to Apple's site. What this means is that an older generation that may not have been inclined to download music from iTunes may now go ahead and join their children and grandchildren. The Beatles are also extremely popular among today's college students.New York City 08674

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