Monday, May 07, 2007

U.S. Senate Votes To Allow Drug Price Fixing

The U.S. Senate voted to continue to allow U.S. pharmaceutical firms to continue fixing drug prices. Senators voted 49 to 40 to ban inexpensive drugs manufactured overseas. Senators voted this way to assure campaign contributions from drug manufacturers.
US Capitol
Already awash in huge profit margins, the drug firms touted the canard that drugs manufactured overseas are dangerous. Oddly enough, more than 50% of medications sold in the United States are already manufactured outside of the 50 states. Do not look for ingredient lists or country of origin stickers on your medicines, the drug firms do not have to tell consumers exactly what they put in drugs or where they obtain the ingredients.

Drug manufacturers do not care if people are actually healed with their products. They have proved this over and over again with the high prices they charge for all medicine, not just HIV and AIDS medications. Just recently Merck, a firm drowning in huge profits, refused to offer low-cost AIDs medication to patients in Brazil. So the Brazilian politicians voted to void Merck's patents and buy the same medicine from a drug firm located in India. Good for Brazil!

Go overseas and see the masses suffering from diseases long-since cured in the United States. You can be sure U.S. drug makers will continue to ignore that suffering despite the thick reports lining their fabulously decorated walls!

Health care in the United States is provided by the rich only for the rich. "Let the poor die a miserable death, we don't care!" is the motto of drug CEO's paid hundreds of millions of dollars each year. A few little subsidies here and there do not make up for the millions of people they deliberately allow to die for lack of known cures.

They bombard susceptible people with television and magazine advertisements for non-existent illness'. They spend millions inventing fake diseases instead of searching for real cures for real diseases. They hide drug side effects in a blizzard of fine print and fast talk. They cry foul when someone points out how a profitable drug like Celebrex or Vioxx actually is quite deadly. Drug firms pay off doctors, Congress, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They have absolutely no ethical standards, no morality, and no corporate responsibility whatsoever. Talk about killers; drug firms stand proudly at the top of the list of mass murderers and could care less about sick people.

These same firms refuse to develop safe vaccines, there simply is no gross profit for them. These same firms kill people with drugs they know are unsafe, all for the sake of inflated salaries and huge shareholder dividends. Drug manufacturers are among the worst mass murderers throughout human history. They refuse to seek real cures to common ailments, why should they when there is more profit in prolonged suffering than in actual cures.

Remember this when you pick up your next prescription, if you can actually afford to buy the medicine you need.

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