Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mass Murder in the Name of Christ and the Almighty Dollar

No, this column is not about the Iraq War but these observations can also be applied to the recent U.S. colonization of the Middle East.

Recent admissions by the United States surgeon generals point directly to total corruption of all U.S. elected officials. The top doctors told Congress that the Bush Administration prohibited release of many critical medical reports. Other reports were heavily censored so that life-saving information could deliberately be kept from the general public. This outright censorship caused the unnecessary deaths of thousands of U.S citizens. Millions more suffered incredible pain and suffering while the Bush Administration sought to advance a purely religious agenda. Furthermore, all other U.S. elected officials stood by silently knowing this terrible crime was taking place.

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The Bush Administration, evangelicals, and the Republican Party have totally politicized every single aspect of our lives in order to promote an extremist religious agenda. They must all be removed from power and prevented from holding any public office, at any level of government, ever again.

50 million Americans already know that they cannot have proper health care because the extreme rich want to hoard even more cash. If medicine and proper medical treatments were provided equally to all how could crooks like Richard Scrushy be paid salaries of $100 million each year? CEOs of health insurance firms fight for money to buy Lear jets while a mother in Baltimore watches her son die for lack of basic dental care. Proven health risks of tobacco smoke are hidden by George W. Bush and his cronies just to keep cigarette manufacturers rich and happy.

So it has come to this. Thousands must die in order for the members of one extremist religious sect to prosper. Just like their partners in crime, radical Islamic jihadists, the conservative Christians must be held accountable for these repeated acts of mass murder. We cannot allow a few totally deranged psychotics to continue to jeopardize the health and well-being of all others. Preventing doctors from providing known cures to treatable conditions is felonious as well as completely insane.

Legally speaking, the Bush Administration is repeatedly and knowingly violating two clauses of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The establishment clause prevents the U.S. government from establishing a national religion, providing tax dollars in support of religion, or otherwise favoring any single religion or religion generally. The free exercise clause ensures that private religious practices not be restricted by the government. This sound government principle that prohibits direct connections between religious and governmental institutions, while still protecting personal religious freedom and autonomy, is referred to as the "separation of church and state."

If you do not practice Christianity this means that the Bush Administration is actively challenging your personal religious beliefs using the U.S. government as a deadly weapon. However, this is not something that should only concern those that practice any religion other than Christianity. The Bush Administration is only helping churches that promote an extremist, evangelical, conservative Christian set of beliefs. All other religions be damned. If you are not a religious person, are you comfortable knowing that billions of tax dollars are being given to extreme right-wing fanatics praying for the end of the world? Remember, the leaders taking these acts also have access to a nuclear arsenal capable of annihilating the entire human race along with nearly every other living creature on earth.

The Bush Administration is regularly violating the U.S. Constitution even though the Chief Executive swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Therefore George W. Bush must be impeached and removed from public office as soon as possible.

What are you going to do about this?

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