Friday, July 20, 2007

Michael Vick, Falcons, NFL, and dogs

It is amazing how worked up Americans are getting about Michael Vick's alleged dabbling in dog-fighting. Vick's critics are all up in arms about the fact that a pro football player would deliberately try to hurt another living creature. Remember, these huge men are all part of teams trained to physically attack each other week after week for many months on end. People are seriously injured all the time and people do get killed playing football. American football players are brutal Roman gladiators in every respect.
American Football 17715
The Romans never expected their arena fighters to display weakness in or out of the Coliseum. Frankly, most American-style football fans in the U.S., and elsewhere around the world, are not really too surprised that some players get into trouble.

Many people upset about Michael Vick's possible involvement in dog-fighting also tolerate the sport of boxing. These same people pay someone to kill all sorts of animals for them every day of the year. Nearly all Americans pay people to kill cows, pigs, chickens and all other manner of creature you could imagine. They support organizations that kill dogs and cats on a daily basis. Nevertheless, they swear by words in a book that say, "Thou shalt not kill." The Bible then goes on to describe how Christians slaughter each all the time.

Christians in the United States have grossly overweight dogs (and family members) while millions in Africa, Asia, and even here in America go hungry or even starve to death. Someone in Haiti will starve to death today while in Miami a fat dog will be fed twice.

The United States is one of the few nations that still practice capital punishment. The nefarious club of executioners includes the United States, Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Sudan, and a few others. The rest of the world outlawed public executions, the United States obviously does not consider this "cruel or unusual punishment." What about fatal injections, hanging, and electrocution to death is not cruel or unusual?

The hypocrisy is startling.

People in the United States buy all sorts of products from Chinese merchants. WalMart is chock full of Chinese products full of all sorts of mysterious ingredients. All over China you can find restaurants with several small dogs tied up out back. These restaurants serve these dogs to their customers either broiled, fried or baked.

We buy millions of cars from Japan, a nation that annually slaughters thousands of whales just to have a tasty snack. Whales do not just talk to each other in complex languages, they sing to each other over vast distances. Whales are clearly sentient creatures yet we do not care if our car merchant is throwing spears into their brains. Just so long as our football players do not train dogs to attack.

Are you really upset that Michael Vick is embarrassing Georgia's Atlanta Falcons football fans with these dog racing allegations? Lots of people from Georgia like to drive down to Florida and bet on the cruel dog races. Falcon's games will be well attended, if not sold out, this year as in past years.

How upset are you about George W. Bush and Dick Cheney authorizing the torture of human beings? The pictures of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo were very real. People are tortured to death by Americans in those prisons and other secret concentration camps in places like Diego Garcia, Poland, and Romania. The torture authorization statements signed by Bush were also very real.

What is the difference between human torture and dog fighting?

Is sending our young boys to die for oil in Iraq any less cruel or unusual?
Why does the United States continue to provide weapons to nations good and bad all over the Earth?

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