Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We Are All Guilty of Harboring Nuclear Weapons

It must come as an embarrassment to Condoleeza Rice and the rest of the U.S. diplomatic corps that the Bush White House is allowing John Bolton to broadcast U.S. policy on Iran through European media sources. In a recent interview with the widely read Telegraph newspaper in the United Kingdom, Bolton espouses various Bush Administration talking points on Iran. Yet, John Bolton holds no title in the U.S. since losing his post as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

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It is a concern that Iran is operating over 1,300 centrifuges for enriching uranium. It is troubling that Iran is working closely with North Korea to develop delivery vehicles for all types of warheads, including nuclear. Nevertheless the United Kingdom, Israel, France, Russia, Pakistan, India, China, and most important of all, the United States, also possess thousands of centrifuges and uncounted nuclear-tipped warheads. As long as any one nation feels compelled to maintain such diabolical machinery, all other powerful nations will feel compelled to "join the club."

Recently the Japanese government decided to revisit the notion of a pacifist constitution. Are the leaders of all nations really so ignorant of the 75 million deaths caused by World War Two to assume such a tragedy cannot happen again? In the event that even one modern, multiple-megaton warhead is detonated, who is prepared to grieve for the 5 million lives lost?

Citizens of all nations must be awakened and driven to demand demilitarization of human society. This is not something to be left to compliant scientists or subservient diplomats, official or otherwise. Reversing nuclear weapons proliferation, until it becomes a forgotten science, must be the goal of mothers and fathers everywhere. If not, why bother to bring a single child into existence knowing it will likely perish in nuclear-fueled flames? If you cherish life on earth you must stand up in loud and public opposition to all weapons of mass-destruction, no matter what nation harbors such disgusting filth and irreverent weaponry.

When the first atomic weapons were used in combat in Nagasaki and Hiroshima thousands of humans literally melted to death in seconds. The leaders of all nations hung their heads in embarrassment at the depths of human depravity this represented. Who on earth deserves to be next in a nuclear meltdown of so-called "modern society?" If we do not oppose the grotesque policy named "mutually-assured destruction" than we are surely MAD. In that case perhaps we should leave the world to the likely survivors; rats, mosquitoes, and cockroaches

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