Monday, August 27, 2007

Nobody Wants to Work for a Lousy Boss

His Secretary of Defense has quit.

His top advisor and long term confidant has quit (or perhaps was fired).

His personal attorney and, conveniently, attorney general, has quit.

Mr. Bush apparently cannot hold on to key employees in these final days of his quite controversial presidency. There seems to be few people still willing to do the really important jobs for George W. Bush.
White House
Do you ever remember working for people that you really did not want to work for? Do you recall the tyrant that ran that business in your old home town? There was always at least one employer that had a tough time keeping people.

Typically, it was an old bastard that screamed and shouted at people. He was the guy that paid the same lousy wages that every other business in town paid but still drove his workers away with unreasonable demands. Friends would go to work there and then quit with no notice. Maybe you even tried to work there, because you really needed the money or kind of liked the business. It could have been a sporting goods store or a factory that made surf boards. You refused to heed your friend's warnings and took the job anyway.

The boss seemed really nice at first. His weird friend was your supervisor when you first started working there. By the time you started work the pay was even slightly better than some other places. It seemed strange that they made you sign all those papers about keeping everything confidential. After all, you were just a stock clerk.

The job seemed easy at the beginning. It was only later when things went downhill.

You could overhear someone shouting in the front office all the time. Occasionally people drove away from the business with a loud screech of burning rubber. Suppliers never seemed to make deliveries until the last possible minute. The other people that worked there seemed to have an iron wall built around them. They acted like you would not be working there very long, so they did not make friends with you right away.

Slowly, the clues to keeping your job were shared with you. In the break room or out in the parking lot, co-workers whispered clues to you.

"Do not tell the boss any bad news yourself. He will blame you for it."

"Be careful with that machine you are using, it breaks down all the time. But the boss will shout at you and tell you it was your fault."

"Do not go near the boss until after he has his morning coffee or on Mondays."

"Do not tell anyone else about this place, they won't believe you anyway."

As time went on you learned that your boss cut some corners. Once he asked you to take some parts out of the stock room but not write them down on the inventory. Another time your supervisor told you to lie to the state inspector that comes by each month. Another time you were asked to stay late on a Friday but then come in later on Monday. You never got paid the overtime for that extra work. That happened a few times.

You noticed the boss took an awful lot of vacation time for himself. He always seemed to be out at his house in the country, especially where there was so much work that needed to get done.

One day you found a list near the dumpster out behind the business. It was entitled "Workers I Cannot Trust." That seemed really strange to you. Then all those employees, most who did a really good job, were fired all at once for supposedly doing a poor job. The people that replaced the good guys were terrible at their jobs, but they all seemed to be sort of like the boss. They were even invited to the barbecues out at the country home.

Finally something really terrible happened. You got a letter saying you had to appear at some government office, something about those state inspectors you had lied to. Right before you went to the hearing the boss called you in. He told you to say you could not remember what you said to the inspectors. He asked you not to tell the state people that he told you to lie. When you complained and said you could get in big trouble and maybe go to jail, your boss threatened you. He told you that if you did not do as he said you would, "Never work anywhere in this town again."

So you went to the state hearing and said you forgot. You lied again to the inspectors. When you got back to your job the boss told you you did a good job, he even promised to promote you to stock manager.

But slowly other problems started. The boss yelled at you for being late on that morning it snowed. You had trouble sleeping some nights. You made dumb mistakes at work. You shouted at your girlfriend and she broke up with you. The state sent a letter to your home about another hearing and you had to go lie again.

Finally you just had to quit that damn job. It was more trouble than it was worth. All your friends just laughed at you and said they knew you would not last long there.

Today you really regret going to work at that place even more. Today you look at the walls around you and wish you had never heard of that nasty boss. Today you are in jail.

Funny thing is, even your old boss does not come to visit you.

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