Wednesday, August 29, 2007


That is correct. A new reality TV show offers full-paid college scholarships to "renowned universities" in jolly, old England. Tower of London 00014
One young man, Arvind Aradhya, has already won the first round of the program. His prize was a college scholarship. Millions of people watch the show on television, perhaps even hundreds of millions of viewers watch the weekly program.

You haven't seen it?

That's because the program is only running on Indian television, for now. There is a very good chance this show will go into syndication. Eventually, a U.S. version might appear on one of the major networks.

Now the contestants that win the Jeopardy! college tournaments get a fair chunk of money to use for college. However Arvind won an all-expenses paid scholarship to Warwick University. You could compare the academics at Warwick with any Ivy League School or a U.S. academy such as King's Point, West Point, or Annapolis. In fact, Warwick leans toward Johns Hopkins or University of Pennsylvania in curriculum, scientific, and professor rankings.

Granted, there are far more reality shows imitating the American Idol model all over the world. Nonetheless, the existence of another show that rewards the intelligent offers a glimmer of hope in the desolate landscape of brainless TV shows. Move over Jeopardy! the Indian college scholarship program was a great deal more challenging.

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