Friday, September 14, 2007

For Sen. Ted Stevens, Bribery is a Family Trait

The Seattle Post Intelligencer is reporting that an oil industry exec admits bribing Sen. Ted Steven's son, Ben Stevens. The younger Stevens was President of the Alaska State Senate at the time of the alleged bribe. The allegations occurred on the stand during a trial of another Alaska lawmaker, Pete Kott.

The individual on the stand was none other than VECO Corporation's former CEO and owner, Bill Allen. VECO is an engineering and construction firm that handles Federal and private contracts up there in the 49th state. VECO has since been acquired by CH2M Hill. One must wonder if the bribery issue was disclosed prior to the sale of VECO.
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The issue complicates matters for Republican Senator Stevens, already under investigation for matters related to his second home, a million-dollar retreat in Alaska. There are suspicions that builders did much of the work in return for Federal contract awards. Ted Stevens gained additional fame for his "Bridge To Nowhere" $200 million earmark intended to build a bridge to an island with less than 200 residents.

These politicians must get pretty bored way up there in America's OPEC state. This writer has heard that the cold, dark Alaskan winters can drive a man insane. Alcoholism has been a issue for Alaskans for decades. Bribery and corruption appears to be no less an issue.

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