Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Nation Deceived By Leaders & Newsreaders

U.S. Military reports indicate that at best 1 in 10 U.S. enemies apprehended in Iraq may be affiliated with Al Qaeda. No doubt some Yemenis, Jordanians, Saudis, Syrians, and nationals from countries other than Iraq are fighting the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Then again, if a foreign nation invaded North Carolina, for example, you can be certain residents of Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia would immediately come to the aid of the Carolinians. The major U.S. news outlets: television, and newspaper sources, never, ever put the war in Iraq into any realistic perspective.
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Every modern Iraq conflict, including the current war, has been about control of oil in the Middle East. The United States demand for oil continues to increase with no end in sight. Look at the huge SUVs speeding down every highway across the land. Those drivers will refuse to slow down no matter how much extra gas they are burning to drive so dangerously. Try to find one person that can connect the waste of so much oil with the young soldiers dying in Iraq. Too many have forgotten how to think critically.

Once again the people that read the news to functionally illiterate people in the U.S. refuse to explain the real problems.

U.S. leaders still stand on podiums and tell their carefully selected audiences that we are in Iraq because of the attacks of September 11, 2001. Listen to the words in every speech: Al Qaeda, Iraq, 911, Bin Ladin, Iraq, September 11, terrorism, Iraq. The chosen audiences cheer while their leaders lie to them.

The damage is done. Most people will tell you that we need to defeat terrorism before it arrives in the United States. Terrorism is a concept, no nation will ever defeat terrorism. Crime might be reduced, bombers can be caught, guns can be taken away from some criminals but a "War On Terror" is akin to a "War on Ignorance." You cannot defeat a concept no matter matter how many of your children you send to die overseas.

While politicians and newspapers keep people focused on the war for oil; roads, bridges, and schools are falling apart in this country. Wounded soldiers and 47 million people are getting killed by broken health care system. Mortgage bankers and credit card firms are stealing billions from poorly educated citizens. Disturbed schoolchildren are walking into gun shops to buy guns to slaughter their classmates. Lawyers have tied the court systems into Gordian knots. The few people that still vote are getting cheated by crooked voting computer manufacturers. National leaders are soliciting sex in airport bathrooms.

The people in the United States need to look after the "wealthiest nation on Earth" before it collapses into a heap under the weight of all the major problems at home.

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