Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Next War: Iran

The Washington Post gives retired General Wesley Clark space to describe why the "next war is always looming."

It does not have to be this way. The citizens of the United States are not doomed to always live under a kleptocracy, i.e. ruled by thieves. We still have a chance to show the door to the thieves currently in power. People must get up from their couches and demand accountability.Nuclear Blast 1945

If the people in the cities choose not to participate the people living out in the small towns and surrounding countryside must speak out.

General Clark reminds us all with these words about the upcoming Iran War, "Think another war can't happen? Think again." He goes on to describe a scenario all too commonly understood by everyone who paid attention to the start of the 2003 Iraq War.

This writer is not defending the actions of Iran, but does our nation have the right to kill another million people in our quest for fuel for our gas-guzzling economy? Many nations, including our own, have nuclear weapons. Our own Air Force recently mishandled 5 nuclear bombs, leaving open the possibility of a horrific accident somewhere in the Midwestern United States.
Fireworks 34104
Are the nations of Pakistan, China, Russia, and Israel any less likely to be the scene of a "mishandled" thermonuclear device? Does anyone really know how many people will die if even one of these thousands of weapons leaks or detonates in error or on purpose?

The time is ripe for a global summit on nuclear weapons. This notion that the United States should be the sole force controlling the sources of energy or nuclear weapons is pure nonsense.

Dick Cheney is planning. George W. Bush is sleeping. Are you awake? What plan do you have for protecting your family from a White House hell-bent on starting The Next War? Speak to your neighbors, speak to the people you voted for, demand answers, demand accountability. Now is the only chance you have, the next war may well be the last war, for everyone on Earth.

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