Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Paying The Cost of State-Sponsored Terrorism

Recently a judge in the U.S. held Iran accountable for the 1982 bombing of U.S. Marines that had invaded Lebanon. The judge fined Iran $2 billion for their support of Hezbollah.

The timing of this decision is quite a coincidence, given the recent White House push for a war with Iran.

That's a good start but the U.S. courts need to keep going if they want to be seen as fair about settling the scores. The U.S. has also sponsored terrorism many times throughout history.
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What exactly do we owe the families of Iraqis who were quite plainly tortured at Abu Ghraib? What do we pay the people of Falluja for the chemical weapons we dumped on that city? There is no shortage of evidence proving those terrible war crimes, your honor.

The U.S. provided the phosphorus weapons and cluster bombs that Israel used on Lebanese civilians in the 2006 invasion of Lebanon. How much do we owe the Lebanese, Judge Lamberth?

The U.S. trained and funded Guatemalan death squads that killed countless people and continue to kill politicians to this day. The CIA has admitted participation in these war crimes. How much does the U.S. owe the families of victims of those atrocities, your honor?

The U.S. funded the Contras, who subsequently killed thousands of civilians. What was the cost of that crime? The good justice should surely be able to ballpark a figure for that.

The U.S. poured agent orange and napalm on the farmlands and villages of Vietnam. What should we pay those chemical burn victims, Judge?

The U.S. provided the chemical weapons that Iraq used against Iran in the Iraq-Iran War. Those weapons killed and maimed thousands of Iranians. What is the cost of that? We need to do our calculations here and come up with a fair judgment.

The U.S. shot down an Iranian civilian airliner. The U.S. paid Iran for that "mistake", but hardly $2 billion, more like a few million. Was that a fair sum? Do we deduct a more fair amount from the amount they owe us for the 1982 Beirut bombing?

The U.S. used weapons of mass destruction on the civilian populations of two Japanese cities. These are the only 2 nuclear bombs ever used in war (If we still refuse to count the U.S. use of depleted uranium weapons all over the world). How much does the U.S owe Japan for that?Nuclear Blast 1945
A judge now needs to determine how much back pay, with interest, the U.S. owes the African people that were placed in chains, brought to the U.S., and forced to work without pay for more than a century. We should certainly be able to come up with a round number for that crime.

What does the United States owe the native American people for the near total destruction of that civilization as well as theft of all lands? Didn't we purposely give them blankets laced with disease as well?

There are many more war crimes the U.S. knows it is responsible for, these cases and victims also deserve their day in court.

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