Sunday, September 09, 2007

Why China Is Hacking Computers

The Chinese are looking deep into the computers of the leaders of Germany, France, Britain, and of course, the U.S.. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates had his computers hacked by the Chinese. When nations secretly plan wars that might impact a major source of energy for a nation, that nation is compelled to look closer.

To spy.

Everyone else in the world, except the average person on U.S. streets, knows Uncle Sam is about to attack Iran. It is obvious. It is more than a hunch or whispers on the breeze. It is openly being discussed in major dailies from so many countries. The United States is going to use nuclear weapons on Iran to protect Israel.
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They need to use nuclear bunker busters to knock out Iran's nuclear centrifuges.
Nuclear Blast 1945
The U.S. has extra carriers in the Persian Gulf Region. The generals and admirals have plans all written up. The U.S. has to do this because they think Iran will lob the first complete bomb at Tel Aviv or Israel's own nuclear bomb factory in the Negev desert. Israel can act all innocent of any wrongdoing while the U.S. is a target too far and too powerful.

Never mind the possibility Iran might strike back at Persian Gulf oil supplies.
Never mind that Russia could feel threatened by such an action. Russia would become the most important source of oil overnight. Never mind that China and many other nations depend on Iran's oil supplies.

Never mind that the U.S. wants control of all the oil in the Middle East.

That is the real but taboo reason for the U.S. invasion of Iraq. "Secure the oil supplies at any cost." the oil company chiefs told Dick Cheney in those "secret meetings" held long before the invasion. We need secure access to Iraq's oil. Blame it on the terrorists and WMD's but capture the oil fields first. We need to feed those SUVs everyone in the U.S. wants to keep driving.

This has grown well beyond the blogs and the conspiracy theory people. After all, those writers have been smelling the scent of a new war for several years now. It does not help that Bush, Cheney, and Rice rattle their rusty sabers every chance they get. "No options are off the table." They repeat incessantly when asked about the U.S. posture to Iran. They think they are clever, forcing Iran to play cards it does not even hold.

For weeks and weeks of my youth a big farm boy taunted me with threats. Day after day on the school bus this much stronger fellow used to describe how badly he was going to beat me up. He wanted my seat, no matter where I sat on the bus. Gradually I was forced to move towards the back of the bus by his antics. Day after school day I dreaded what would happen next.

There were little punches here and there but the farm boy really never hurt me, he just threatened to hurt me over and over again. Finally an afternoon came where I was cornered in the back of a crowded bus and this big guy sat down next to me. I just knew I was going to die that day. All those bullying threats kept going around in my head.

Before he did a thing to me I grabbed his hair and slammed his head against that steel bar that ran exposed in the back of every bus seat. I grabbed him and slammed him so hard and so fast that he had no time to react. I slammed his head not once but three or four or even more times, hard, until my arm was too tired to keep pulling his hair and head onto that bar.

I knocked the big farm boy out cold. I may have knocked him out on the first slam for all I know. The fight was over before it even started.

I wondered if I did not do permanent brain damage to that farm boy. I was actually scared that I might have killed him for a moment. He had been kicked in the face and head by horses several times by that point in his life.

His big sister had to pretty much carry him off the bus but even she said something to me that surprised me. "He deserved what he got, I know that, he's been sayin' he was gonna beat you up for weeks now. Deserved what he got."

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