Thursday, October 25, 2007

One and a Half Million Secrets In Syria

A Middle East news correspondent who has lived in Beirut for more than 30 years recently had this to say about Syrians:

Syria has accepted almost one and a half million Iraqi refugees – caring for them, providing them with welfare and free hospital services – while Washington, when it isn't cursing Iraq's prime minister, has accepted a measly 800 Iraqis.

And Lebanon? No one realises that this tiny Arab country has accepted 50,000 Iraqis since the great refugee exodus began.

Those are the words of Robert Fisk, a man who always gets his information from the source, at great personal risk. Before people in the United States jump to any conclusions about Syria, they need to know the facts. Unfortunately the Washington Post, New York Times, and all the other big corporation news sources in this country have neglected to report the real impact of war on civilian populations. Yes, there have been a few stories on the Iraq Civil War refugee crisis but have you ever heard the numbers Mr. Fisk cites anywhere else before?
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Fisk goes on to mention this about the Iraqi refugee groups he has encountered in Beirut:

Of course, the Shia Iraqis have moved into the Shia southern suburbs (home of Hizbollah), the Sunni into Sunni areas of Beirut and Sidon, the Christians into Christian east Beirut and the Metn hills. And because the Lebanese have always called the Iraqis brothers and sisters, there has been no friction between the different Iraqi groups...

It seems strange that no other news source found it important to investigate and report these basic facts about the Iraqi Civil War. It is long past time for U.S. troops and assorted bands of hired mercenaries to pack up their weapons and go home.

Links: Independent article by Robert Fisk

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