Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Senate Stops All Bush Appointments

The Senate is refusing to actually declare recess because President Bush will no doubt try to slip another crony in his wicked mix.

U.S. Capitol 19914 v. White House
The people of the United States are so beaten down by the Bush Presidency that they are reduced to celebrating the absence of their Senators. If this Senate really wanted to do one thing about thoroughly corrupt President and out-of-control Vice-President, the illegal spying, Katrina, health care, Veterans benefits, the wars and the ongoing use of torture, the Senators would actually meet in working sessions. They could craft and pass legislation that would address the nation's issues and go home to their districts successful. Instead they do no constructive work and give me no reason to vote for the whole lot come election time. We need entirely new legislators, the crooks now in office are destroying this nation.

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