Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Who Can We Believe?

Media outlets told us that Obama had a strong lead going into the New Hampshire Primaries. However Clinton clearly won the Democratic half of that contest.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics in Washington told us 18,000 new jobs were created in December. Out here in reality businesses actually dropped 339,000 workers from their payrolls.

Countrywide Financial Corporation told us they did not create false letters to support a case related to a mortgage bankruptcy. Pennsylvania court documents and testimony from Countrywide employees clearly indicate fake documents were created.

President Bush says the economy is "resilient." The U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson says he can "see no bottom" to the drop in sales of U.S. homes. President Bush also told us Iran had an active nuclear weapons program, months after he knew that was an outright lie.

White House

Week after week we hear more lies repeated by newspapers, public officials, and little children standing next to spilled cups of juice. The little children are too young to know better, they need gentle reminders about the importance of telling the truth. We really should be more concerned about public figures who lie to protect their failed policies.

Some say it is the methods used to collect data that are wrong. If that is the case why do public figures and media outlets continue to use these incorrect tools? It looks too convenient to blame the messenger in this case. People look hard for facts to bolster any case they want to make. Cherry-picking fiction from among facts to fool the public into believing lies is called hoodwinking. It is wrong and the people doing it know better. Grown adults need more than gentle reminders about telling the truth.

People who make major decisions that affect the lives of millions need to be held accountable. If we allow our leaders and press to escape the consequences of making false statements they will keep lying to us, over and over again. If we no longer place any value on the truth we will only slide deeper into a morass of debt, war, and more deceit. Large nations have descended into anarchy for exactly the same reasons.

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