Thursday, April 10, 2008

American Airlines Moving to Dubai

Letter to the wife of an American Airlines pilot written by the pilot's little brother:

Hi Cindy,

The Times printed several articles about how well pilots are paid these days. I have attached copies of the newspaper articles to this e-mail and the next one. If Nick is entirely content and happy working for the airlines then he does not need to read these articles. The New York Times is still read by the 500 people that can still read English up here in the states, everybody else reads blogs or the Spanish-language dailies now. Not much different than Aguadilla, huh?

I want you to seriously warn Nicky about being an American Airlines pilot. These past few days most people have grown to hate American Airlines guts, seriously. Some people just ran past my window chasing an American Airlines crew, the villagers were holding lit torches and chanting. The crew, two pilots and some old flight attendants, were barely staying ahead of the fat Marylanders chasing them.

I don't fly much anymore, except when I drink too much and that kind of flying doesn't count. If I did fly I wouldn't. Count how many times I fly, that is, so...I don't really fly, except when I drink.

Apparently American let passengers for 1,000 flights drive to the airport for flights airline execs canceled the night before. Then they promised the flights would take off soon, 36 hours later most passengers are still waiting, some of them in really, really stinky diapers! Finally the coffee ran out...

Goodyear FG-1D Navy Corsair 49717

American should have known those MD-80 aircraft were getting old. They stopped making those tin cans in like 1957, right? Nicky, should know, McDonnell Douglas has not been in business since the Vietnam War or something. Anyway the airlines canceled those flights over some missing nylon cable ties in the wheel wells. Big deal, they only really use the wheels when they are taking off and landing. The rest of the time the landing gear just sits there, right?

Wow, a crowd just ran by my house chasing some American Airlines baggage crew guys. The villagers looked like they were carrying buckets of hot roofing tar and old torn down sleeping bags. Do you think they were going to tar and feather those guys, Cindy??? The baggage handlers told me they had been running all the way from BWI Airport! They didn't even work for American Airlines, they were just subcontractors wearing AA overalls! I told you people were really pissed off about this situation.

Anyway, I seriously think Nicky should stay in Puerto Rico a few more days. Maybe see if he can get put on the Miami to Port au Prince route. Yea, that's the ticket. I'll let you know when it is safe to appear in an AA uniform again.

Does Nick know any other AA pilots? I know they pick on him and he probably keeps to himself mostly but he should warn the other guys anyway. AA just became a shady place to go to.


Your younger brother, Timmy

The articles:

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