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Jacques Rogge Defends China Crackdown in Tibet

International Olympic Committee(IOC) president Jacques Rogge wants the world to stop fighting for the rights of thousands of Chinese political prisoners. Mr. Rogge is just saying this so the supposedly non-profit International Olympic Committee and sponsors can reap billions from the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing. He does not care one iota about the hundreds of peaceful protesters brutally beaten and frequently murdered by the Chinese military in Lhasa, Tibet.

The Olympic Torch Relay did not turn out like China and the IOC planned. It continues to be a prime advertisement for the movement to bring more basic human rights to the Chinese people.

Stade Olympique 0018________Tibet Protests Paris 5

We Are All Brutal Colonial Empires

Mr Rogge can easily ignore all those murdered Buddhist monks because China censors almost every bit of news coming in or out of Tibet. The International Olympic Committee does not care that China supports the genocides in Sudan and Burma. China is just as much a brutal colonial power as the French in Vietnam, the United States in Iraq, or Britain in India. In fact, Rogge refers specifically to European colonialism in yesterday's scathing attack on protesters in Western nations.

Vietnam Soldier 1960s

Rogge: Just Give China More Time.

“It took us 200 years to evolve from the French Revolution. China started in 1949...with all the abuse attached to colonial powers”.

"It was only 40 years ago that we gave liberty to the colonies. Let’s be a little bit more modest."

Modest??? In the face of daily incidents exactly like the Kent State Massacre?

Rogge falsely claims China simply needs more time to adjust to modern practices like free speech, fair trials, and leaders elected by citizens.

Jacques Rogge and the rest of the IOC is wrong about all that, dead wrong. Even the brutally imprisoned Palestinian population managed to hold free and fair elections, though so-called democratic governments including the U.S. and Israel refuse to accept the results.

There are 1.5 billion people living in China, some crowd control measures must be used sometimes, this should not involve bullets or executions.

The Chinese could start releasing political prisoners today. Political prisoners in China have often done nothing more than walk down the street with a sign demanding freedom of speech. There are people in Chinese jails because they ran a business connecting homes to the Internet, without Communist approval.

This author has spent considerable time living in places under Communist rule. I do not claim to honestly know what it is like to grow up under communism but I lived and learned directly from people who experienced the daily assaults on natural, normal human behavior.

Beijing 2008

What Does It Mean To Live In A Marxist State?

Karl Marx and Frederic Engels wrote a book called The Communist Manifesto. Since that time Communism as a general practice has been adopted by various states although plenty of communist-like governments existed long before that time.

Communism is generally held to be a system of government where an all-powerful Central Committee is elected by a group of elites (rich people). Most people never get to decide who leads their communities, except perhaps at a very local level. If you do not belong to the Communist Party you have no voice about your government whatsoever. Communist Party members all go along with whatever the leader says or they get put in jail.

Under pure Communism, all the wealth created by the work of every citizen is supposed to be equally shared among all the people. This distribution should be based on needs, Karl Marx taught. Everyone must be guaranteed food, clothing, housing, education, jobs; essentially all the basic necessities of life are guaranteed. Sounds pretty fair so far, right?

In practice Communism is much different. Almost all the money goes into the hands of a few people given enormous compensation. The official salaries might appear low but leaders live in homes you would likely call "Palaces." They have chauffeur-driven limousines, expensive country homes, and they can travel anywhere in the world on vacations they call "official government business."

All of the rest of the people are basically left to starve. Everyone gets less because the few members of the Central Committee take so much for themselves. Like Burma, North Korea exists only because China supports the vaguely Marxist regime. For years the state of West Bengal in India was ruled under the pseudo-Marxist leadership of CPI-M dominated by Jyoti Basu. Marxism became a euphemism for kleptocracy long ago.

Yes, this sounds exactly like the way members of US Congress, big business executives, or members of the EU government act but it gets worse.

One Day in the Life of a Chinese Citizen

Waste and corruption are widespread in Communist nations. Every local czar demands huge secret bribes before permits are issued. Official fees for things like building or business permits, as listed on government rule books, appear very low. But the builder must pay a very large bribe to the local communist party leader or the construction permit will never be issued.

If your company pollutes or your coal mine is dangerous you can pay a bribe to government officials to make the inspectors look the other way.

This still sounds exactly like the Bush Administration or many other places in supposedly "free nations."

Communist party leaders are allowed to steal land and ancestral homes from poor farmers. They give them a very small amount of money and an apartment in a big concrete tower as compensation.

There is a practice in the West called eminent domain.

Every newspaper and book publisher is controlled by government censors. Communist leaders arrest ordinary citizens and put them in jail for writing unapproved essays and stories. If you write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper about some issue you could go to jail for ten years. People arrested in communist countries are sometimes given a show trial but the verdict is decided by communist leaders, not a jury composed of your neighbors.

In Europe and the United States the corporations own the news outlets and publishing houses, they censor all the news and books that are bad for their products or business growth. The Pentagon does a fair job of censoring their wars, torture, and kidnapping of people all over the world.

New Olympic Logo

What happens when News reporters cannot report the news?

When humans cannot express themselves without fear they turn into nervous wrecks. The fear of being sent to jail just for your thoughts quashes the human spirit. Poets cannot compose poems. Writers cannot write books. Artists cannot paint. Many good films never get made.

People spy on their neighbors, the Chinese government pays them to do this. This is the same practice as the US government paying NSA employees to spy on ordinary US citizens.

Doubleplus good, The Ministry of Propaganda

In Beijing, the capital of China, one of the largest government buildings is the Ministry of Propaganda. Just like out of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World or Orwell's 1984. This agency spins the news stories about brutal killings done by the Chinese military in Tibet. The Chinese Ministry of Propaganda puts military leaders and other commentators on TV and radio to tell the people lies.

Their military and civilian leaders lie to the citizens about what is really happening.

Outgoing US President George Bush hired former US generals to lie about the war in Iraq on Fox News, NBC News, CNN News, and many other news outlets. The New York Times, The Washington Post and most other newspapers printed these lies. Many of the news editors knew full-well those generals were lying to the American people.

You Say You Want a Revolution?

“The Games we believe, over time, will have a good influence on social evolution in China, and the Chinese admit it themselves,” Mr. Rogge states. Careful using that word "evolution", Jacques. Many supporters of George Bush and the Republican Party do not believe in evolution of any sort. God dropped everything here on the planet just a couple of years ago in their extremely dogmatic Weltanschauung.

The protests are also having a good influence on rapid social evolution in China, Mr. Rogge. Left alone, Chinese leaders like to keep change to an evolutionary pace, not a revolutionary pace. They have too much money to lose.

Go ahead China, do whatever you want, hold the Olympics this summer with all the splendor and excitement every Olympic competition should enjoy. The whole world is one big corrupt scheme designed to send all the wealth to the rich and starve the poor anyway.


Beijing 2008


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Jonesy said...

Jacques Rogge is about as despicable a pig as the laboratory concocted spawn of Alexander Kolchak and Kenesaw Mountain Landis which I believe he is. Rogge, who was knighted by the Grand Inquisitor of Belgian Imperialism “King” Albert II, has one primary mission: helping divert the international class struggle into the mindless idiocy of nationalism. His special portfolio is, I believe, Minister of Sport for the Department of Diverting The International Proletariat Struggle.

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Joe said...

Jacques Rogge is a corrupt, morally bankrupt official. He is a disgrace to France and disgrace to the world.

Bolt is electrifying. He should dance and preen and I would love to be a competitor that lost to him. He sounds like fun. More fun than Michael Phelps. Phelps is great too.

The only thing Rogge can investigate is the color of people's underwear. What a corrupt idiot.

I would fire him if I could. I don't want any of my American tax $$ going to the IOC. The IOC is a joke.

The IOC condones murder, violence, poverty and suffering. Rogge was bribed by China and lied too (which he knew). China is a joke too. what a crime they are perpetuating on their people by not being honest and truthful. False "National Pride" is important, not education, freedom, human rights or common decency. This is a country with no laws, but a simple petty dictatorship that can make people manufacture cheap goods for Walmart and others and defines itself by Olympic medals not by learning or contributing to the world.

Why is a corrupt Belgian moron in charge of the IOC. He should be messing up the EU. His name should have been Jacques Rogue - "wanted for murder"