Monday, May 05, 2008

Fake Unemployment Reports and other Elephants in the Room

I know what you're thinking Simone. This is a phoney, baloney world. Everything's fake. Women are surgically enhanced. Atheletes are on steroids. News is entertainment. Politicians are bought and paid for. We're all livin' one big lie. So why shouldn't you live too?
- Al Pacino as Viktor Taransky in the film Simone
Every time wealthy U.S. corporations decide it is time to throw hundreds of humans out with their trash the U.S. government stands right beside big business. During periods of massive layoffs in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2001, the Department of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics buried the real unemployment numbers. Isn't it strange how mass unemployment comes along every decade right on schedule? It almost seems like the U.S. Federal Reserve bankers, politicians, and corporations get together to manufacture each economic crisis so that a few people can get even richer. Government agencies work hard to keep the truth from citizens, after all, many civil servants are ordered to do so by elected officials.

White House

It really does not matter which corrupt politicians currently sit in Congress or the White House. They all do absolutely nothing for private citizens except waste the people's hard-earned tax money. All elected officials share the blame equally for hiding the truth from ordinary citizens. People working in government agencies are so used to being the lapdogs of elected officials the truth does not have a chance.

Everybody knows that many more jobs are tied to political connections than those positions assigned by Presidents. The Director of this and the Assistant Deputy of that agency must forsake any semblance of the truth in Federal Government reports or risk losing their job.

This rule applies all the way up the ladder. If the President actually told us the truth about unemployment, the war in Iraq, the U.S. debt, or any major issue, the people could get so angry they might actually boot that person out of office. That is why all evidence of government corruption and waste gets labeled "Secret for Reasons of National Security."

Fake Government Reports Buy Votes

It is that simple, really. Write a report which says there is only 4.9% unemployment while at least 15% of the adult population sits idle. Unemployed. Out of work.

There are thousands and thousands of people working at the U.S. Department of Labor alone and not one of them appears capable of determining the actual unemployment rate.

Why this inability to count the number of people who have a job, and subtract that number from the total workforce? Are that many government workers really that bad at basic mathematics?

Or could it be that elected officials do not want U.S. citizens to know the truth?

The Surgeon General admits writing fake reports at the request of the Bush White House. Retired generals admit to giving false reports to the news media, again at the request of the President of the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency was unable to find any carcinogens in the air right after the World Trade Center was destroyed.

Crooked politicians order government agencies to write false reports to give them a better chance of being re-elected.

U.S. Capitol 19914

America, the Deceitful

The real casualty of all this deceit is not the trust of the American people. Politicians lost that trust years ago when they faked Gulf of Tonkin Incident in Vietnam.

Vietnam Soldier 1960s

Presidents remind us not to believe a word they say when they lie about a war that gets our sons and daughters killed for the sole benefit of oil firms, weapons manufacturers, and war profiteers. We must throw up our hands in disgust when we learn the President of the United States ordered humans to be tortured. Most members of Congress and thousands of people in the military also agreed wholeheartedly with the official Federal policy of kidnapping, torture, and indefinite imprisonment without trial. Many more Americans have been convinced of the efficacy of torture by unscrupulous media sources such as Fox News or Rush Limbaugh. Police departments have known for centuries that people will tell you anything you want to hear if you torture them long enough.

U.S. Constitution Outlawed

The U.S. Constitution is no longer worth the old parchment paper it was written on. Elected officials have replaced it with a shorter document which reads:

  1. Never admit the truth, at all costs.
  2. Make sure rich corporate executives get exactly what they ask for, in addition to their million-dollar salaries.
  3. Hire as many friends as possible, regardless of any job qualifications.
  4. Ignore the terrible reality created by poor decisions.
  5. Tell the voters what they want to hear, but never, ever, tell people the truth.
  6. Cut as much money from education programs as possible and spend it on bombs.

Apparently there seems to be a severe undiagnosed condition most elected officials suffer from; acute dishonesty. Somebody needs to remind every politician that the truth eventually comes out sooner or later.

CNN article on U.S. unemployment figures.

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