Thursday, May 22, 2008

Texas had no rights to Polygamists' kids

This just in from the state that gave us our illustrious president:

A court in Texas decided that it was illegal for state authorities to remove over 400 allegedly sexually-abused children from a closed religious compound in Texas. Apparently the number 400 was not considered unusual by the Third Court of Appeals in Austin.

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The Texas court decided the removal of the children prior to a court hearing was unconstitutional. The court left undecided the issue of whether the men belonging to the ostracized Fundamentalist branch of the Church of Latter Day Saints could have as many wives and children as they wanted. The court also did not rule on the numerous related welfare fraud and tax evasion charges pending against the sect. Most taxpayers following this story are unaware that FLDS members gladly accept all forms of public assistance while eschewing tax payments as "Funding The Devil's Work." Oddly, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has yet to issue a rebuttal to that charge.
"Your family tree shouldn't be a wreath." - Randy Mankin, editor of the Eldorado Success newspaper.
In 1990, Dr. Theodore Tarby conducted a study of the FLDS related to the unusually large number of cases of extreme mental retardation called Fumarase Deficiency. Dr. Tarby's research clearly associated the cases of Fumarase Deficiency with intermarriage. Additional details on this bizarre angle to the ongoing FLDS Polygamy story can be found in this Time magazine article.

Furthermore, the judge was silent on the insult to modern fashion standards presented by the FLDS women dressed in early American garb.

Some time ago authorities in Utah decided FLDS Leader Warren Jeffs should remain in jail pending appeals on his claims to needing a host of child brides to reach his version of Heaven.

Meanwhile the New York Times has revived interest in the practice of polyandry, where one woman marries several men at the same time. Towards this end the Times reprinted William Safire's 1996 Op-Ed piece: A Case For Polyandry.

There seems to be nothing to substantiate the rumor that thousands of young Asian men have applied for membership in the FLDS. Such a trend could result in an influx of millions of dollars to the Fundamentalist's coffers.

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The Bush ranch is located in Crawford, Texas, about 225 dusty miles from the FLDS Eldorado compound


AP News announcement at Washington

A Case For Polyandry

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